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when did u..

have sex pp?? c section or vag.. just wondering if u waited till 6 weeks..

for me I had a c section and waited for 4 weeks then was seduced by my dh.. ;

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Re: when did u..

  • Had c-section 6 weeks ago on Monday. Tuesday I had my check up and was cleared....had sex last night. I think I would of done it earlier if the doctor said it was ok. I was also surprised at how little it hurt...I expected it to be very uncomfortable/painful. 
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  • I'm 4 weeks pp and had a vaginal delivery with a slight tear that needed five stitches and got the all clear today but haven't done anything yet. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly lol.
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  • We still haven't. I didn't tear and am done with my lochia but I'm not ready for sex and my doctor said I could but he encourages waiting until 6weeks so all the tissue that stretched has had time to heal and reshape. So technically I'm cleared but not in a rush.
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  • rcantorrcantor
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    I did at seven weeks. It wasn't enjoyable.
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  • I did 4 1/2 weeks PP. Vahinal delivery a couple stitches. It wasn't great but it got better after a couple times
  • 7 weeks tomorrow and haven't yet. At 6 week appt doc said to wait longer as I still have some stitches and the tissue is thin. She had to check my uterus for cysts because of some issues I have been having and it hurt so bad. Definately not in any hurry for sex.
  • Im 5 weeks pp from a vaginal delivery with no tears or stitches and have my check up on Monday. I could care less if my doc gives me the go ahead. I have no desire for anything.
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  • I had a c/s 5 weeks ago. I had my pp appt monday, was cleared for sex, and did it tuesday. It was pretty good, albiet very quick (ha!) So we waited 4.5 weeks.

    Last time (vag birth with 2nd degree tear) we tried at about 5.5 weeks, but it was too uncomfortable.

  • LO is 4 weeks old, had a vaginal delivery with no stitches or other complications. I think we waited until week 3 (it was my birthday and I was sick of waiting). We have had sex at least 3 times since, but DH is nervous because he hasn't scheduled his appointment to get snipped yet and he thinks that we will inevitably get pg right away. That being said he wants sex a  lot more then the nervousness would suggest. This is our 3rd though so maybe that makes me less willing to wait, since I have never had any problems post-pardem
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