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*Edit* No room at "The Inn"

I was scheduled to be induced today at 4pm....was told to fast starting at 11am. We are about 40minutes from the hospital and arrived at the hospital at 3:45pm and was told that they didn't have a room for me and to walk around the hospital for an hour to see if one opened up. Well we did that, came back at 5pm and was told that they have no room for me and to go on home and they'll reschedule for another time......super bummed and slightly annoyed that they couldn't have called before I traveled all the way there....

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  • Wow I would be really annoyed. But I have a friend who is a nurse in labor and delivery in our hospital and she said not to go into labor this week because they have been packed full every day and night! So I'm surprised this doesnt happen more often I suppose.
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  • It happened to me! They ended up calling me 40 hours AFTER my original induction time. I had to wait patiently by the phone the entire time because if I missed it they'd move to the next person on the list.
  • They didnt have u call first?? For both of my inductions i had to call an hour prior to checkin time to make sure they had room.
  • wowow... I would relaly be annoyed!  A phone call would have been appropriate!
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  • image Karicomo:
    They didnt have u call first?? For both of my inductions i had to call an hour prior to checkin time to make sure they had room.

    Agree that they should have you call! OP, wether it is procedure or not, next time I would call and ask. That is too far to drive! That sucks so bad!

  • My hospital it's policy to call the charge nurse before coming in - that way you don't have to turn back.

    Hope they get you back in soon.

  • bpotratbpotrat member
    I did call an hour before my appt. time and they said they would pull my papers and they were super busy but to go ahead and come in
  • bpotratbpotrat member
    You're telling me! I wouldn't be as frustrated if I would have been notified before hand
  • That really sucks. I hope everything gets straightened out. Thank god my hospital isn't like that. Theirs ample rooms, and every time i've visited or was hospitalized in the maternity ward, their was always open rooms. 
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