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postpartum incontinence

Hi, I've been a lurker throughout my pregnancy but need to reach out and see if I'm the only one suffering.  I had my second son on Mother's Day so it's only been a few days but I'm really suffering with incontinence.  It's putting a damper (no pun intended) on enjoying this time with my family.  I've done some research about this and I'm hoping it will get better in the next few weeks but in the meantime, I'm pretty miserable.  Anyone else suffering as well?   

Re: postpartum incontinence

  • I haven't had this problem, my son is 11 days old, but I was told after delivery to go every couple hours because I wouldn't feel like I had to go until my bladder was REALLY full. They said the urge to go feeling could be gone for a month. I only noticed it gone for 2 days, but everyone is different. Maybe that's your problem?
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  • It's a good thing im still wearing pads because I have peed myself several times. I don't realize I have to go until its too late.
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  • I had my baby on Sunday. I've been making sure that I go every couple of hours. I haven't yet felt like I need to go but every time I sit on the toilet I end up peeing. I waited too long yesterday and peed my pants when I sneezed. 
  • Haven't tried going on a schedule of sorts yet. I read this helps to retrain your bladder. Plus things are still out of whack down there. I think my biggest concern is that this is my new normal. Ugh wish I didn't have to deal with this. Thanks for your responses ladies.
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    I have been worried about this.  It did not happen after my first son and I didn't have son #2 yet, but I slacked on Kegels.  My sister's husbands niece is a physical therapist and she said that she actually works with women postpartum to help with this (and other issues). 
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