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(NBR Vent) I don't like confrontation!!

This is so NBR but I have no one eles I can really whine about this to besides DH and he is at work...

I live in a apartment, we live on the ground floor, people above us have a dog...  That they don't like to leash up and walk.  So it pees up there on the balcony and drips down to our porch this has happens several times since it has gotten nicer out and they leave the chihuahua up there for hours.  Last night DH was on the porch smoking (his promises me he will quit soon,yeah right heard that shiz many times) and the dog was up there it peed and was inches from hitting him!  So he called the office today about what has been going on, she was pissed.  So she sent them a letter in which I was home when they got home so I heard the door slam, we have clips on our door frames for notes and such, and could hear the wife not happy at all with her husband.  The office lady told DH that they either had to get rid of the dog or move.  But now my is scared to leave my apartment...  I HATE CONFRONTATION!  I'm scared that they are going to come down the stares as I am locking my door to leave and want to "talk"...  Ughhh...  It's not right what they are doing but still...  Sorry for my long whiny post...

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Re: (NBR Vent) I don't like confrontation!!

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