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What is wrong with my body!?

This might be TMI. If I eat healthy I get cramps, bloat, and have severe painful diarrhea. If I don't, I function as normal. Help?
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Re: What is wrong with my body!?

  • My first thought... If you're eating healthy, you're probably getting a lot more fiber than you would otherwise.  It may be a few uncomfortable days, but your body will learn to adjust to the increase in fiber, make sure you're drinking enough water. But if things DON'T start getting better, probably see a doctor? 

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  • This is happening to me too!  I'm on a no dairy, egg, nut, soy diet for LO's reflux so I'm eating tons of fruit and veggies and I have diarrhea all the time and cramps!  I've lost 16 lbs since I've been on this diet and I suspect its because I poo everything out before I can digest it! 
  • Yes, probably the fiber.  Try easing in a bit more and then don't switch back to no fiber for long.  
  • Have you increased your dairy?
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    Your body is used to the junk, it has adjusted to that type of diet you typically eat. So when you change it, even for he better it can cause some discomfort while your body is trying to adjust. You can switch slowly or just try to eat healthy and tough it out a few days. Your body will eventually adjust and of course the healthy food is what is best for you and lo




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