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Have you left the house to do something fun with all the kids yet? It's beautiful weather over here and I find it so intimidating to go anywhere besides school drop offs with my newborn and two year old. My husband is a fireman, so I spend a lot of time alone. I'm thinking of taking my two year old to a kiddie amusement park this weekend please tell me I can do it without losing my mind!!

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  • I haven't braved a trip alone with both yet either so no advice but just wanted to let you know you're not alone! I find it a bit intimidating as well.

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  • I've only been brave enough to take both to a dr appt this morning and for a walk to the park. I imagine I looked like a frazzled stress case both times. When we went to the park I even brought our dog with and it was 99 degrees. Not only was I frazzled looking, but I was sweating like a pig. I need to get braver!
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  • We try to get out once a day! Start with something easy and know you can leave at any time if is not working out. I think it is easiest to wear the baby in my case babies and make the toddler walk. You could also use a stroller for one or the other or both. Just do it! The more you try the easier it will be. We've had some really successful outings and some utter disasters but I'm always glad we at least tried.
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  • I took both boys to Home Depot this morning, does that count? Stick out tongue

    I'm taking baby steps.  I'm going to attempt the park tomorrow.

  • SRK128SRK128
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    I took all 5 to the park today and to the mall! It was successful! 
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  • Yep, we've been to the park with mums group a few times. Haven't tried shopping or a lunch date yet, but I'm sure it will be fine!
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  • You can do it! I would however strongly suggest you try with something small. Like how about you just go on a walk, or take the kids to the playground? 
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  • Thanks ladies! You guys are awesome.
  • Only to the playground. This Saturday we are attempting to attend a 2 year olds birthday party while DH is at work.
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  • You will do great. My H is also a fireman so I understand 24 on 48 off. Lo was born on the 5th of April and DD turned 2 last Feb. We have done tons, zoo, parks, general walks, visits to daddy!!! I joined a moms group in my area that I found on meet ups dot com. I'm loving it and it makes it much better to go out with other moms. Try something small like going to visit daddy then a picnic in a park and a stroller walk.

    Btw I am scared to go to a store alone!!!
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  • SRK you are my hero taking all 5 to the mall :)

    I have yet to even leave the house with just LO alone so never mind taking all of them at once. And mine are older. LOL. My fiance works from home so pretty much anywhere I need to go he takes me or is with me. Which is very unlike me because when my now 8yr old was a baby I was on my own with her, my 3 yr old and my 10 yr old. Went everywhere with them. I might take a trip today if I can stay awake and bring LO to visit my work on my own. We shall see.

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  • I've taken the girls out together a few times by myself. The problem is that Mila hates being in the stroller or cart. Yesterday my trip to Target culminated in both girls screaming their faces off, me running to the front to check out and Ava taking her shoes off and throwing them. She was angry because usually when we go to the store I let her hold things and then put them in the back of the cart, which I wouldn't let her do because Mila was back there and I didn't want her to throw something on Mila's head. Oh well...
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  • Not alone but that's because I can't bike yet and H has the car for work.
  • By myself, Just to the park/playground. Kept dd2 in her carseat while dd1 ran around and played. I just carted the carseat next to whatever she was playing on so I could interact with her but keep the baby nearby.

    Getting in and out of daycare everyday with the 2 of them I take dd1 during the week is enough of a juggle that I haven't braved much more yet.
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  • I have done shopping, errands, pedi appointments ect, all alone with the 2.
    The most trying was taking DS1 in the mai tai on my back, DS2 in his car seat and 6 boxer puppies in a laundry basket, to the vet to get their tails docked.
  • I've been out with both DDs by myself nearly everyday since week 1. I wear DD2 a lot or use the double stroller. We've been to Target, the grocery store, DD1's open gym gymnastics, story time, etc. We go to the park a few blocks from our house just about every day if the weather cooperates.

    It was really intimidating the first time but has gotten much easier with each outing.

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