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Car sick?

For two days now my Lo has projectile spit up all of his formula while riding in the car.

Yesterday it was 45 mins into a one hour drive. Today it was 10 mins in.

He doesn't spit up much otherwise, but it totally freaks me out! He doesn't get fussy, just wakes up and out it comes.

I'm wondering if he is getting car sick?

Also, any good tricks to cleaning car seat straps?

Re: Car sick?

  • My parents still rub it in that they had to trade in their beloved orange T-bird (thank you 80's... LOL) when I was a baby because I got carsick in it. I'd talk to your pedi to see if there is anything you can do for your LO and if he truly is getting car sick or something else.

    For cleaning the straps, I've found that disinfectant wipes work well, and then a hair dryer to dry them.

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    My friends child has the same problem.  Can't go more than 20 min drive without vomitting.  I don't think there is much they can do just grow out of it.  She has kept fresh air and toys to distract her but she still throws up and she is over a year old.
  • Ds spits up sometimes so I started putting drool bibs on him. The other day I had him buckled into his car seat when I realized I had forgotten his bib so I put it on over the straps and then when he spit up the straps didnt get dirty so I have been repeating that oops since it worked.

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  • I put the bib over the straps, since my son likes to dribble a bit of spit-up when I put him in the seat.  I think the straps can be taken out of the seat and washed in the sink.  Check the owners manual.  I know mine can.  I have a Safety 1st comfy carry.
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