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Running Mommas?

Anyone else getting back into the swing of things with running?

The jogging stroller says not to run with baby until 6-8 months, but doesn't reference when with the carseat adapter. Finally decided that on a really smooth surface, she gets jostled less than she does in the car and gave it ago today! I did a four mile out&back, and I was DYING.  I've been doing workout videos at home, but it's really not the same! I have a lot of endurance and stamina to regain.

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Re: Running Mommas?

  • I have been running with my little one in the carseat with the adapter since she was 5 weeks.  I can't run very fast and I make sure the surface is smooth, but it is seriously a killer!  I feel so out of shape!
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  • I'm struggling to build up my stamina, plus I've always been slow, and now I am afraid to even look at a clock! Haven't tried running with baby yet, even in carseat w/adapter her head still wobbles around a lot just walking, so I wait until DH gets home. Keep telling myself that ill get up early in morning to run before work, but so far not happening between nursing and sleeping!  It stinks being so out of shape, but I know slowly ill get back into it! 

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    I'm not getting back in to it as fast as I'd hoped, but I did finish a 5k on Mother's Day in 28:30 which I was happy with.

    I'm not comfortable running with DD until 5 or 6 months even in the carseat, so it is tough to find the time to run. Hopefully I'll fit it in better soon!
  • I've run about 8 times since LO's been born. Twice with him. I usually run 3 miles, but one time I did 6...there was walking involved.
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  • I'm trying to get back in to it. I only started a few months before getting pregnant, so the pain of building up stamina is still fresh and puts fear into me. Haha. I've been doing a lot of walking, so I just need to get myself in gear. I plan to start slowly to be sure my supply doesn't suffer...

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    Same PP. I have been taking it slow, working my way back up.

    Once I got cleared for exercise I just started C25k again. I am now up to 25 minutes run with no walking. The build up has been so gradual that I haven't noticed a dip supply, so that's nice.

    LO has never gone with me. I wait until my DH gets home from work to run. It's getting pretty hot here, so I am going to have start getting up early to do it. I have signed up to run a quarter marathon in October so by the time LO is big enough to ride in the stroller I will be running for too long at a time. It looks like this is gonna be a solo sport for a while longer. Looking forward to taking LO when he gets bigger.

    Way to go running mammas! :)  

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