Breastmilk AND formula? Can it work?

 So because LO has a shallow latch, I've had a hard time nursing for all feedings and instead I pump and give a bottle. This has been so taxing on me mentally, I'm just exhausted. I go back to work next week, and I just want to enjoy LO with what little time ill have with him during the week. I have no issues pumping at work, but I don't want to keep pumping at night. If I added formula at night, would I still be able to maintain milk supply during the day? I don't want to stop giving LO breastmilk altogether since he's only 8 weeks old. Any suggestions? Strong opinions?

Re: Breastmilk AND formula? Can it work?

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    You might try pumping once at night. Since its only been 8 weeks I think it might hurt your supply. Eventually it will be ok or it was for me when DS started sleeping thru the night.
    Have you contacted a LC? They all kinds of tricks to try. Good luck!
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  • I EP too and actually found it easier now that I am back at work. I pump when I wake up and DH is on baby duty. Then at work I pump twice and then I pump in my car on the way home. I also pump right before I go to bed and once in the middle of the night. It works great because pumping doesn't take any time away from her. Pumping in the car makes me feel better because when I am at home she had my undivided attention! I would say try it and see what works into your schedule.
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    My first sttn at 6 weeks, and I never had supply issues. So, I would think you'd be okay just pumping right before bed and right when you wake up without getting up extra MOTN. Enjoy your baby!
  • generally as long as you pump for every formula bottle feed you are ok.  For me I could just move the pump a few hours in either direction, from when then formula bottle was given. With your LO being such a young age dropping a pump could very well hurt your supply long term.  I offered a early evening bottle of formula and then pumped before I went to bed, at 6 months I decided to drop that pump and after a good number of weeks I did see a supply drop.
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