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False Labor Vent tl;dr

This is a novel, and there's really no point to this post.  I just feel silly and kind of frustrated. 

Night before last I thought my water broke while DH and I were dtd.  Then around 2:30 am I started contracting, and started timing them. They went from 15 min apart lasting about 40 sec to 3 min apart lasting 1 min.  I already had a dr's appointment that day, so I called to see if I could move it up and get an earlier appointment, but they told me to just go to L&D instead and then call them back if I was discharged for any reason.

So we go to L&D and the contractions are getting stronger on the drive over.  We got there around 9 AM and as soon as I'm admitted, of course they back off.  The nurse tested to see if my water had actually broken, and it had not.  I guess it was just one of those sexy 3rd tri dtd awkward things.  They monitored me for about 2 hours because my bp was high and it went down, so that was good.  But the contractions never became regular again, and I never progressed past 3cm, which was where I was when admitted.

 We were discharged around 12:30 and I called my dr's office like they asked me too, and left a message.  We live about 25 min from the hospital and were over halfway home when they called back and said they still wanted to see me that afternoon.  At this point, we are completely exhausted.  I have been awake since 11:30 the night before, DH had taken a vacation day (which I feel bad about now) and we are both a little frustrated and disappointed.  So we go home, sleep for about 40 min then turn around and go back to the dr appointment. 

 We had to wait forever for the dr, but he finally came in, checked me out and told me we are in 'no man's land.'  Great.  I know it's really nbd, but I feel stupid over the whole thing.  I mean, we followed the 5-1-1 rule, waited until the contractions were uncomfortable, all of that.  I guess being a FTM I just am confused about what I'm supposed to be feeling, and frustrated that I made a trip that I feel like 'didn't count.'  I know that DH wanted to be there for me regardless, but I feel bad that he has one less vacation day to spend with the baby now.  

If you read this, here's a cupcake.  


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Re: False Labor Vent tl;dr

  • I'm also a FTM so I feel your pain. Now because everytime during my NST I have what everyone tells me is a contraction and it doesn't show I had a contraction I get frustrated. I have had non stop period like cramping for weeks. So now I'm afraid I'm going to go in there and embarrass myself with false labor everytime I think it's go time.
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  • Don't feel silly at all. Sounds like you were on top of things just like you were supposed to. I have a friend - same thing happened to her but she was a STM. Anyway, she went into labor and had the baby the next night. Don't feel discouraged.
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  • CCR630CCR630
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    That sucks, I'm sorry. But I probably would have done the same thing....
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  • I would have done the same thing, too. Both a friend and my sister went in for similar situations on their third children so don't feel bad---it even happens to the BTDT.  GL!


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  • Don't feel bad at all.  I probably would have done the same thing.

     Try and get some rest today!

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  • Don't feel bad, it's much better to go get checked out than to wait too long to go in.
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  • sndravtsndravt
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    Don't feel bad. I talked to my dr. about this yesterday. I had cramps 3 minutes apart a week ago, and never went in because they went away. So I mentioned it to her yesterday and joked with her that I don't want to be the lady that goes to L&D every other day, and she basically said when she's on call, she gets the same people frequently but doesn't think anything bad of them. That she's getting paid to be there, and that you should always go in if you have any question in your mind. That made me feel a ton better.
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    Don't feel stupid, if they really were timing 3 minutes apart and you weren't sure if your water broke you absolutely did the right thing.  WOn't be long now!

     According to the L&D nurse, my big mistake was that they were averaging 3 min apart, but were not all exactly 3 min apart.  One would be five, one would be two, one could be six, and then a string of just a min apart each.  I just thought that if they were all around five or less, but not exactly the same, that was good enough.  Oh well, now I know for next time I guess.

     It was also kind of good for us to see the contractions on the monitor, because now I'm confident that I can recognize what they feel like.

    Thanks for being reassuring ladies! 

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  • jennkg3jennkg3
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    :( I went through this with dd and its hard to describe how sadden and humiliated I was. I don't know why but I felt stupid. You aren't alone. On the plus side baby will come eventually. How are u supposed to know real vms false labor. I'm a STM and don't know if I will know this time. I had 5 days of contractions with dd it's called prodromial labor. It was hard don't beat yourself up. Just take it as experience there are lots of ups and downs we are all about to experience it's part of motherhood no one knows what they are doing :). Always err on the side of caution!


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  • ambahambah
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    I'll be 38 weeks on Saturday and everytime I get cramping for an extrended period of time, I always start timing and think this may be it. I am a first time mom too, and its challenging cause we have NO idea what to expect, except that labour is what is on our mind!

    I told my OB at my appt this week and she said, trust my body, it will tell me when it is the real thing and I truly will know when it is time.

    Hope she is right!!!

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  • You absolutely did the right thing.  Don't feel bad.  My mother went to the hospital four times for false labor with her FOURTH child.  It can happen to anyone.  Everyone's body is different.
  • kread8kread8
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    I agree with PPs, you did the right thing by going in!  Don't be so hard on yourself!

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  • ((hugs))  I also had false labor last night -- but my contractions started about 5 minutes apart and then were 10 minutes apart.  If I'd been in your shoes with contractions this painful that often, I'd have done the same thing.

    I really want this baby to stay put for at least another week, but man, if now that he's engaged my contractions are going to feel like THIS, it's going to be a long haul...

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  • Lame sauce!! I feel for you! I almost told my husband to fly home from 2 states away last night because I thought it was go time. So hard to tell!
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  • We drove to the hospital at 8pm one night, thought my water broke, nope, I still don't know what that gush was along with my mucus plug. We got home at 12:30am. By 1am, contractions were so hardcore I walked and timed till we left for the hospital again at 5am. DS was born that afternoon. You never really know but it doesn't hurt to make the trip if you think it's the real deal!
  • Good to know we did the right thing and aren't the only ones!  After getting a good nights sleep last night (the first one in quite a while!) and taking it easy today, I feel a lot better and the contractions have pretty much stopped.  I don't think LO has dropped yet, and yesterday they did 3 internals and said each time he was sitting high, so I don't really know where that puts us.  The waiting game is still on!!

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