3rd Trimester

Am I the only person that is NOT in a rush?!

Today is also my due date, but here I am at work with no signs on oncoming labor.  I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced.  I am still comfortable, so I?m really in no rush to get this precious girl out of me.  It seems as though every forum I read women are in such a rush to get their baby out of them.  All of the co-workers also seem to want MY baby out of me?they are driving me NUTS!!  She will come out when she is good and ready.  My midwives will see me at 41 weeks and do a non-stress test and Ultra Sound.  If everything still looks good, they will let me go up to 42 weeks?and I am honestly totally fine with that.  Just have patience ladies?your baby knows when they are ready to face the world.  Regardless, I will get to meet my baby girl VERY SOON and that is the most exciting thought in the world right now!

Re: Am I the only person that is NOT in a rush?!

  • I'm hot, uncomfortable and in pain when I walk, sit and stand. I'm excited to meet this baby and add another member to our family. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm perfectly fine letting the baby cook as long as he needs to, but I'd love to meet him any time he's ready to come out.

    Good for you that you're "not in a rush"? 


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    Good for you!! I wish I could bake longer. But my rcs is taking place at 39 weeks. I've had a great pregnancy except today I'm exhausted! Take your time and if you can wait then do it. Good luck!!
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  • I'm not in your boat!  I am 35 weeks and cannot wait for the 35 days to go by......I hate being pregnant though.  Love the end result - hate the process.
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  • I still have 10 weeks and I'm in no rush at all.  I love being pregnant so far:)
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    I still have 10 weeks and I'm in no rush at all.  I love being pregnant so far:)

     This... I am only 30 weeks and haven't reached that extremely uncomfortable stage yet.  In fact, sometimes I forget I am even pregnant. But I am sure once I hit 40 weeks I will be a lot less comfortable than I am now :)

  • I'm in no rush. I am 37 weeks today and like you I still am lucky enough to feel pretty good. I have been walking 2 miles 4-5 times a week, I am sleeping well at night, and I am still able to put my shoes on (even painted my own toenails this weekend)

    I know I stil have 3 weeks before my due date and so I may suddenly feel diferntly, but so far I am okay with waiting on LO to come when he comes.


    I probably just jinxed myself by posting all that. Darn it! :)

  • I am always for letting baby arrive on its own schedule. That being said, this has been a really tough pregnancy. Yes, I am in a rush to have my body back and feel like a normal person. I'm uncomfortable, I'm nauseous most of the time, and I am tired.

    I can still get around ok, and I can reach my toes, but I'm ready to be done.

    It's great that you still feel good, but you're mostly a lucky minority. :)

    I can't imagine going to 41 weeks with this one like I did with my first... But I will if I have to.  Sigh. ;) 

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  • Already in the 80s and so humid outside I feel like I'm swimming when I walk to the car? It's bad enough not pregnant, I don't think I'll be going past my due date thank you. But I think it's great your being so calm about this. I just couldn't do it. It's way too uncomfortable being this pregnant in the middle of a Louisiana summer. I feel so bad for my friends that are due later in the summer.

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  • I wish I felt like you!  My first pregnancy was like that actually, I loved being pregnant.  With this pregnancy, I think I have hated everyday except for maybe a couple of weeks.  How sad!  Good thing is I am getting close to the end!!!

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  • I am Happy for you... wish I could say the same for my self... im having alot of body aches and pressure at night and can't sleep... and due to gestational diabetes and being on medication they are taking her out early.. Good luck to you

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  • No rush for me!  This is my third pregnancy, the first two we overdue and I am perfectly fine with this one coming late, too.  I think the longer the baby can "bake" the better!  

    I feel good and have no health issues with any pregnancy.  Now, if I were miserable or something was wrong, I am sure I would feel differently.  

  • I'm only 31 weeks but I am ready.  I'm sooo hot, uncomfortable standing and sitting.  I can't move my legs without pain.  (I still am exercising or trying.)  My feet and ankles are huge!  If I was comfortable I wouldn't wanna wish this time away but being I'm not- I def want her to stay in there til 40 weeks but I hope they fly by.  I enjoyed my 2nd trimester and now I'm ready to meet our baby girl.  :)  More power to you for feeling so great and not rushed.  I hope things turn around for me here in the next couple weeks.  Oh and I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open at work.


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  • I have no plans of inducing labor any way other than aiding what my body is ready for. I don't want my baby to come EARLY. That said...

    I think that feeling SO DONE with being pregnant, etc, is nature's way to help us through labor! I got to a point where my desire to have this baby is greater than my anxiety about labor, which is a good thing!

    Everything is finally in place, I am not working, and I'm just excited for me (and my husband and especially our older son) to meet this baby! 

    I feel like this is part of the experience. :) 

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  • No rush here!  Though I'm only 37w4d so I've still hopefully got awhile.  Baby's on the small side so I want her to stay in there as long as she can to get bigger before she gets here and if that means going past my due date then so be it.  As long as baby and mommy are healthy that's all that matters :)
  • Are you asking a genuine question?  Because it sounds like you are standing on your soap box...

    Good luck and enjoy the end of your pregnancy. 

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  • I am excited to meet the baby and not be pregnant anymore. Although my pregnancy has been a breeze since 2nd tri (1st tri was ridiculously traumatic), I sitll don't like being pregnant. BUT, i am trying to cherish the peace, quiet and full nights of sleep as long as i can. So i wouldnt say im in a rush. I am letting nature take its course and she will come whenever shes ready.
  • nofrogsnofrogs
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    I think you will feel a little differently when you are approaching that 42 week deadline. You will be eager and trying everything under the sun to get that baby out, so you don't have to transfer care. I am approaching 41 weeks, and REALLY want to avoid a medical induction at 42 weeks. Going over 42 weeks would mean I will risk out of my birth center, and have to find a whole new place to birth. I get daily calls asking where my baby is, and I don't really care. I just don't want pitocin and I don't want to risk out.
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    I'm hot, uncomfortable and in pain when I walk, sit and stand. I'm excited to meet this baby and add another member to our family. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm perfectly fine letting the baby cook as long as he needs to, but I'd love to meet him any time he's ready to come out.

    Good for you that you're "not in a rush"? 

    Ditto this. I am okay with waiting, but I just wish I wasn't so damn uncomfortable. It makes a world of difference! I wish LO wasn't sitting on my sciatic nerve right now... that's lots of fun! 

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  • llbta85llbta85
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    I'm hot, uncomfortable and in pain when I walk, sit and stand. I'm excited to meet this baby and add another member to our family. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm perfectly fine letting the baby cook as long as he needs to, but I'd love to meet him any time he's ready to come out.

    Good for you that you're "not in a rush"? 

  • Good Job Momma...I'm in no rush either!  I'm however having anxiety today b/c I feel so crampy and pooping a lot.  I don't think it's time yet, even though I'm considered full-term!  I feel my little boy needs more 'cooking time'  :)
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  • I'm not in a rush. I wasn't for my first pg either.  Mostly because I feel it's important for me to cherish every moment of peace, quiet, and sleep while I can! When that baby comes, our world will turn upside down and yes, it's a wonderful feeling to meet the baby and fall in love with this new little person but it's also the most exhausting time of our lives! I'm all for enjoying this moment of freedom. I have an almost 4 yr old and I'm trying to cherish my time with her too, because I know it will be a big adjustment for us all when baby comes. For those pg ladies who are miserable, it might help to keep this in mind! Go on dates with your DH now while you can! Enjoy as much as u can. 
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  • pnutgpnutg
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    I'm 39w3d and VERY ready to evict this baby boy.

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  • I am only 32 weeks, so I have a ton of time left, but after delivering a 30 weeker last time, I am in NO hurry. However, I am also still very comfortable and energetic...ask me again in about 6 weeks, lol!
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  • I start my new job in two weeks and I want this little one to stay in as long as possible!  They have me scheduled to go on my maternity leave on July 12th but it would be sooooo good for us financial and for my mental well-being if I can make it through July 27th.  I am due July 24th so I'm secretly hoping this little one stays put until at least the 27th.  Actually, in a really perfect world, s/he'd be born on that date because it's H's birthday!  Haha, if only!  But, yeah, definitely July 13th is the earliest I'm allowing this baby out of me!  If s/he tries to come earlier I'm crossing my legs and holding 'em in!   (I kid, I kid!)

    ETA: I am also loving being pregnant and kind of don't want this part to end. I'm excited to meet my baby but the thought that when I do I won't be pregnant anymore kind of makes me sad.  And since this baby was a "never supposed to happen surprise" and I don't know if I can have anymore I want to soak it up and enjoy it as much as possible because I may never have that feeling of having a baby in me again.  I also work in a hospital where I see far too many pre-mature babies and their poor mothers who would give ANYTHING to still be pregnant and vowed to never let my personal discomfort wish what they are going through upon myself.  Of course, at 38/39 weeks pregnant when the baby is pretty much done cooking I may be singing a different song completely!  But at 30 weeks I'm not starting it now!


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