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Hello everyone!  My twins are due August 28th and I'm in hyper nesting mode (when I'm not pooped).  My doctor wants to try to get me to 39 weeks and I'm wondering what size clothing I should get.  My husband wants to keep the genders of the babies a surprise so I don't know what they are.  Should I get any preemie clothes?  Right now I have some newborn and 0-3 months sizes already.  They are already a few days ahead of schedule growth wise and my doctor thinks they will be long babies (my husband and I are both tall).

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  • The advice I've received is not to buy preemie clothing until you actually have preemies.  If they arrive early/small you can always send someone out to pick up a couple outfits to tide you over until you can order more.

  • I delivered at 38.5 weeks and they weighed 6'4" and 6'9".  They outgrew their newborn sized clothing in about a month or less (esp my boy he's growing so fast).  I wouldn't buy any preemie clothing unless they are delivered weighing less than 5lbs. 


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  • 39w is not preemie...  I wouldn't buy preemie clothes for them since they'll likely be born full term and are measuring on track.  Am I missing something here?
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  • My boys came at 36w1d, weighing under five lbs. They needed preemie clothes for several weeks (they weighed six pounds when they went into NB). The only reason we even had any on hand was because my growth scan showed IUGR. The vast majority of clothes were NB and 0-3 mos. If a friend had some on hand she was willing to lend you- great, but I wouldn't buy any unless you have a reason to believe they'll be super tiny. Like pp said, a friend can always run to BRU/BBB/Target to pick you up a few outfits.
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  • image CNYBride05:
    39w is not preemie... nbsp;I wouldn't buy preemie clothes for them since they'll likely be born full term and are measuring on track. nbsp;Am I missing something here?

    I think she was saying her dr wants her to make it to 39 weeks but obviously with any pregnancy that may not always happen so is it necessary to but preemie clothes...

    OP, My twins were born at 38 weeks and we didn't do any preemie clothes. I had an easy pregnancy and yes they could have come early or been smaller but we would have just sent someone to buy them clothes. They could have fit into some preemie as newborn outfits were a bit big but it would have been a waste since they ended up growing out of newborn so quickly.
  • My two were born at 36w4d. They were 5 lbs and 5lbs 5 oz. We didn't use preemie clothing. The newborn stuff was a little big on them, but they grew into the newborn stuff quickly.
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  • I've been told premie clothes go UP TO six lbs and newborn is 5-8 lbs

    Using that information: my Mom is buying my boys newborn "homecoming" outfits.

    We are of the "don't buy stuff unless you need to" mindset.


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