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Ovarian Cysts

Any other moms out there that have been living with cysts? I've had them since I was 15 and was put on birth control to stop ovulation and therefore decrease the painful episodes. I had a few cysts while pregnant, but LO was sitting just right that she would counter any pain or pressure. Now that she is an outside baby, I have had 2 solid days of cyst pain. It's to the point that my right leg feels like it will go out from under me and that can't happen as I'm home alone!

Is it too soon for the mini pill? I wonder if it will even do anything.

I do have a call into my Dr.. but I was just curious if anyone else has been in this boat?

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Re: Ovarian Cysts

  • Yes, I have a history of ovarian cysts and now have a cervical cyst too.

    Too be honest, the ovarian cyst has been ok during the pregnancy but the cervical cyst has been causing me some discomfort - just like a burning pain as the baby is pushing down there more.

    The worst pain I have ever been in though was when one of my ovarian cysts burst, I keep hoping labor will be more manageable for me since I dealt with that pain.

    Hang in there, and hope you feel better.   I usually down lots of advil and use a heating pad.





  • I never thought to compare a cyst bursting to labor pains... I have had a few cysts land me in the ER before we knew what was wrong.  I almost think labor was better, because when it's over - it's over. It won't happen again unless I want to get pregnant again.
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  • My doc said at 6 wks is when I can go on BC. If BF you will have to take progesterone only BC. Hope that helps. Hope you start feeling better.
  • The mini pill won't help with ovarian cysts because there is no estrogen in the pills. My cysts don't act up when I'm pregnant or nursing.
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