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Bug repellents

Anyone have any good recommendations? Last year at the lake he was little so at the beach he would just sleep in his bassinet with a bug mesh cover over it. And in the evening he would be in a play pen with a cover on it. This year he will be walkin around instead!

This year it will be harder to deal with Mosquitos. Any safe bug repellents that you love? Thanks!
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Re: Bug repellents

  • I think most are a waste a good campfire is best IMO or plant lemon grass in the areas you'll be most. Also avoiding eating bananas when you'll be out helps too.

    If you really want something liquid fence makes one that's not bad and all natural.
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  • fryratfryrat
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    California Baby makes one, I got it at Target.
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    My pedi brought this up at our 1 year appt.  She said you can use any kind and recommended to not spray it directly on the child, but to spray it on their hat or socks and then put them on.  Also, she said you rarely need to use it unleess you're in a really buggy area, but you're avergage night playing in the yard or at the park it's not needed.
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  • Thanks! We don't have California Baby where I am but my mil is going to the states tonorrow I will ask her to pick some up! Good idea about spraying his hat, etc.

    Our trailer is in the middle of the woods so there are tons of Mosquitos at times. Last year wasn't bad because it was a dry summer, but after a rainfall? Insane amounts. They get you even near the campfire. I hate them!!! Hoping for a summer like last year where they weren't very bad.
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  • wedseptwedsept
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    Badgers is safe and effective.
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