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Paci while breast feeding

Hi ladies. My baby Jake Eric was born Tuesday morning via c section. When I'm home from hospital ill post birth story and pics.
We are only a couple days out and milk hasn't come in yet, but Jake is a sucking fool. This morning he nursed for two hours straight. When the doc came in she said he isn't nursing, he's pacifying. She said I should give him a pacifier or my nipples are going to crack and I will have problems. We've had a few hour plus nursing sessions. Of course the LCs are very anti pacifier this early.

Anyone give their LO a paci right away and have success with the breast? Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Re: Paci while breast feeding

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    When my sons were born they also used me as a human pacifier and it can be annoying but it didn't cause an issue. I don't see why the doctor said it would cause problems, that's misleading. I choose to not use them.

    My sister did use one with her first born and she nursed well. She didn't start in the hospital but soon after. 

    EDIT I would say try them if you want to.  

  • I started the pacifier in the hospital with both kids. DD nursed successfully for 13 months and DS is going on 3 weeks without a problem. We use the NUK brand, since that's what our hospital provided.

    Good luck!

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  • I used a paci quickly with DD and she nursed for 18 months with no problems.  I fed her every two hours and could tell when she was satisfied and did not want to be a human pacifier.  As long as you know he isn't hungry and are in tune with his hunger cues, I think you will be fine. 

    I see nipple confusion/preference with bottles but the kid knows nothing is coming out of the paci and if he is truly hungry that thing will be spit out in less than a minute for a boob from my personal experience.



  • At the hospital, my little dude had a bunch of kidney testing done and they used a paci. We started using soothies when we got home with him and he's been fine. I half breast feed and half formula feed and so far he's been fine no nipple confusion from either bottles or his pacis. Good luck and congrats :
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  • FTM still waiting for him to show up, so no personal experience...however, pediatrician said to introduce paci between 2 and 4 weeks old and wean at 6 months.  He said that paci can help prevent SIDS but you want to wean before there is an emotional attachment.
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  • this is my 3rd baby, i have breast fed all three and used pacis as soon as we got home from the hospital.  no issues here either.
  • Let your baby suck on your boobs! The more he sucks the quicker your milk should come in. Put some Lanolin on there and that should hopefully help with cracking.
  • I gave one to both girls in the hospital.  DD1 took to it immediately and BFed for 16 months with no problems whatsoever.  DD2 doesn't really have much interest in one but I'm still offering it to her because I don't want to use my boobs as a pacifier.  
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  • My little guy is going to his first pediatrician appointment today and this is one of the questions we're going to ask. I'll let you know what she says!
  • Congrats on your little man.  My DD has spent her first week practically attached to the boob.  I realize I am her human pacifier.  I think what you are experiencing is normal and you should do what is best for you.  If he is unable to unlatch and sooth himself for a little bit you might want to introduce a pacifier.  I didn't until two nights ago and really the pacifier hasn't helped any.  I thought she liked it last night, but not really. She prefers to nurse when she if fussy.  With that being said my nipples have taken a beating.  Do what you can to save them, but ultimately do what is best for you and baby.  Good luck.  I really don't think the pacifier things is that big of deal if you have baby that can successfully latch to the breast. 

  • Yep! We started with the paci day 2 after he was circumcised and are still successfully breast feeding. We also started bottle feeding breast milk at day 6 with no issues. He still latches and has no issues with nipple confusion. 
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  • My oldest was a comfort sucker and I didn't give him a pacifier and ended up exactly where your doc said: with bleeding, cracked nipples.  Ouch.  My toddler and both these girls got a pacifier right away and it never interfered with nursing.

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  • That pacifying is actually signaling to your breasts to make more milk. I wouldn't offer a pacifier until at least a few weeks old. Even when he isn't drinking, your body is getting the message about how much milk to make. (Your breasts even detect and use his saliva to figure out which antibodies to make and more!)
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  • We started using a Soothie at about 1 day old. He will be 2 weeks tomorrow and we've had no issues at all. I'm also using a shield and the LC I spoke with said because of the shield, he more than likely will have no confusion at all. He's also taken several bottles with no issues. Do whatever is most comfortable for you! If you're miserable, your LO will be miserable and cracked, bleeding nipples sound like no fun!
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