C section making you sick

Can anyone share their experiences of vomiting during or after a c section? I might be having one in August but have a terrible fear of vomiting to the point it brings on panic attacks. Do the mess always make you physically sick? I'm petrified

Re: C section making you sick

  • I did not throw up during or after.

  • I've never thrown up with either of mine. They can give you Zofran in your IV if you feel nauseous, I asked for it before I could start feeling sick.
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    Hate to say it but yes i did get sick to my stomach twice the day of and my c/s was at 7:30 a.m. Loads of fun with visitors! Just ask for some meds to prevent it. I was ok by dinner time.

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    I did get sick. I was in labor all day and asked for Zofran when I got the epi which helped. I reminded my anesthesiologist that night that I don't respond well to the meds (morphine in particular) and he gave me Zofran along with everything else right before they cut me open, then I got another shot of it after I got sick about 2 hours after surgery. Part of mine might also have been that I ate a very small meal at 5:30 that morning and was having surgery at 7:30 that night. I didn't eat again until the next morning.

    Just let everyone know before the action gets going that you're afraid of getting sick and the very second you feel it coming on, get something.

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    I just had a c section on Friday and as they were rolling me to the OR I did vomit. I thought I felt better but once I was on the table I started feeling sick again. I was afraid to throw up because I thought I would choke or move my belly and screw up the cut. Neither were true, they gave me a little pan and I was able to get it up. They gave me zofran(?) through my IV and all was better. My advice is to not panic, it will only make it worse. You won't be able to control your body's reactions so just try to go with it. The whole procedure itself is fairly quick and it will be over before you know it. 

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  • IdaniIdani
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    With my first the meds you get prior did make me feel sick and I did a lot of dry-heaving but never puked.  They didn't bother me the second time. 

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  • I never got sick with my C-Section, but I second what others have said: if it gives you a lot of anxiety, just be sure to tell all your doctors and nurses that you're worried about it and they can give you something ahead of time to help prevent it.  Then just be very open with them about what you are feeling--the moment you start to feel sick, tell them and they can quickly put something in your IV. 

    Also, if you are having a scheduled C-Section, they'll tell you this... but you aren't supposed to eat for (i forget how many?) hours before the scheduled surgery and that's to help prevent you from throwing up. 

  • The meds make me feel sick (after puking during labor when I was trying to push). They just pumped me full of Zofran.
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  • Meds made me sick right at first.  (When they laid me down.)  The nurse was very kind.  She helped me with a lovely vacuum tube.  No mess.  Other than me being paranoid of the vomiting factor, no one else seemed to care.  The nurse said it was pretty common.  The meds do not make everyone sick.  I have a sensitive stomach. I wouldn't worry.  It wasn't bad.
  • I vomited a LOT 2 or 3 hours after the c section, but they gave me a Phenergan suppository and I was good to go after that. I think it's my own fault. For some reason, I was dying for some chocolate milk right after and drank a big glass. It all came up about an hour later.

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  • I have had three c/s and did throw up while they were operating on my for the first one.  I had eaten a little earlier so that could have been why.  But anyways, I told the anesthesiologist I was getting sick, turned my head and threw up in a bucket.  I don't remember it being too bad though, just strange and scary.

    With both 2 subsequent c/s, I told the Dr what happened and he told me to tell him as soon as I felt sick and he would give me something.  That is exactly what happened and told him as soon as I felt queasy.  He gave me some medicine ( for low blood pressure) and I felt fine.

    So that is my advice to you, tell the anesthesiologist as soon as you feel sick. 

  • capuletcapulet
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    It helps if you don't eat before, although neither of my c-sections were scheduled (DS was an RCS but came early) so you can't always avoid it.  I ate before my c-sections - and I mean *right* before with DS, with whom my water broke an hour after Thanksgiving dinner.  I did vomit once after I had DD, shortly after she was born.  After that I was fine.  With DS, since they knew I'd just eaten a ton, they gave me anti-nausea meds and I didn't get sick.  I felt nauseous about 8-10 hours after surgery, when I was about to eat breakfast, but they gave me anti-nausea meds again and that did the trick
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  • I threw up twice. Once from labor pains which in turn caused me to break my water. Then again after being in the recovery room. I called the nurse saying I was feeling sick and then threw up all over myself. The nurses can give you something for when you feel sick.
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  • I did vomit after I was in my room recovering. I was not nauseous but would all of a sudden need to vomit. They gave me some IV drugs and that helped. I also vomited after my appendectomy a few months later so I think I just have a bad reaction to the drugs. If you tell them, they will give you meds to help. Not a big deal and I would ask as soon as you think you will vomit.
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  • I threw up while in labour, and was really nauseous the morning after my c section. I told the nurse, thy gave me meds, and I felt fine from then on. Just let them know if you are nauseous and they should be able to help you out.

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  • I got nauseous but they kept giving me things to calm it during the csection. I had a lot of issues during mine but it was also partially bc of the placental abruption.
  • I threw up right after due to the morphine.
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  • MeynaraMeynara
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    I threw up while they were cutting me open. I'm not so sure if they gave me anything for it, or if it would've helped if they had 'cause the stuff they made me drink, combined with just being scared out of my mind, I got to a point where I couldn't hold it back. BUT I have a REALLY bad gag reflex, something all the females in my immediate family (except my daughter, she got lucky) have. It was a wonder I kept anything down due to that. Oddly enough, after I woke up while being wheeled to recovery, I was just wanting food and drink and to see my daughter, not all in that order mind. So after I was perfectly fine, just during it was bad for me.

    I do clearly remember them offering to give me something for nausea if it came up before, but by the time it hit, I could barely think so I don't even know if I asked for it or not.

  • My csection was not planned. I hadn't eaten in 24 hours prior because I was laboring in the hospital already ( water bag had broken the night before ). I threw up while they were doing the procedure (I could feel lots of heavy pushing in my chest/ upper stomach area that made me sick). It was like having dry heaves from a hangover, spitting up in a pan. I think they tried to give me something in my IV but it didn't help. 

    I also shook the whole time because of nerves...and cried/teared up a bit due to nerves. 

    This was last Friday. Wish I had a better experience to share. 


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  • BanzBanz
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    Thank you all for your replies, I guess I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed and ask for anti sickness meds as soon as I start to feel sick!
  • I remember throwing up during labor but not during the c section. I slept thru it!
  • I almost got sick but they immediately put some nausea meds in my IV. It worked like a charm!
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  • I did, but it was only because I drank apple juice before I was allowed to have food or drink. So don't do that.
  • I did throw up during my first csection. I had been in labor 12 hours and ended up needing the csection. I threw up when they started tugging dd1 out. I didn't have that issue with my second.
  • I was fine with both of mine. I got a little nauseated before they started the second one but that was because my heartbeat skyrocketed. They gave me Zofran and i was fine. In fact, both times i ate a meal as soon as i got back to the room from recovery.
  • BanzBanz
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    Feeling a little more at ease about it now, seems that as long as I ask early on for the meds I should be ok! I've managed to go 18 years without physically being sick, even held it back through my morning sickness up until I was 13 weeks! Wish I wasn't so scared of it!
  • I threw up as they were prepping me. From the drink they made me take. I was already on the table so all I could do was turn my head to the side. Super gross. Didn't get really cleaned up for almost 2 hours.
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  • I have emetophobia (fear of vomit) and have suffered with anxiety over same for almost 20 years.  I too was worried about this going in and I told the anesthesiologist so they gave me the anti-nausea meds before even taking me into the OR.  Even if just for placebo effect, it was so worth it.  I didn't even think about it anymore after that and I did not get sick during surgery or recovery!  You will do great!  Now stop thinking about it!  :)
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