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Interviewing doulas

Hi Everyone!

My name is Laura and I'm a newbie. I'm 5w 2d so things are still very new. First u/s is in three weeks and we can't wait to confirm that everything looks good.

We have signed up for an informational session to meet doulas in our area. For those of you who have used a doula in the past or have recently chosen yours, what are questions we should ask that may not be so obvious? This session will expose us to several but we'll have limited time with each. I'd like to narrow it down to two or three to speak with more in depth. What questions may help?

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!

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Re: Interviewing doulas

  • My big thing was making sure my doula would speak up for me if I was distracted with contractions. Both times she did this and it was great to not have to break my concentration or carry on a conversation while focusing on staying relaxed. 
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  • The one thing I wanted to know was how she would handle me if I asked for pain medication.  I wanted someone who would be strong and supportive if I thought I could no longer do it.  She gave me a straightforward answer.  I liked her direct, no nonsense attitude.  I also asked her how she would handle a long labor and what she would suggest to help get things going.  She gave some great answers. We clicked with the doula and she was amazing in labor. 
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