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  • I swear, do people not realize that they are other ways to get diapers and books? Like you know, buying them?  
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  • Liz4444Liz4444
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    But everyone told me what a cute idea it is!!!!
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  • It's funny that people who think this is such a great and creative idea will probably never know how many people who got the invite rolled their eyes at them.

    I don't understand why people just don't register for books, or diapers, or whatever additional "optional" gifts they feel they want their guests to bring them. 

    The book idea is nice and I understand why people like it, but just buy the books yourself and have guests pick one to write in when they get there. Don't tell your guests how to spend their money or to buy you more gifts in addition to whatever gift they were planning on buying.

  • On the fence about this.  On the one hand, I don't like being mandated that I "have" to buy a book instead of a card.  On the other, DH's cousin's shower did something similar.  Something like "in lieu of a wishing well, please consider bringing a copy of your favorite childhood book to help grow baby's library."  I was okay with that because it was a request, not a mandate, and I loved finding one that wasn't so mainstream as "Goodnight Moon."  (I went with "The Monster At The End Of This Book" - a Sesame Street book.)

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  • Wow, she just keeps making it worse and worse. At first she just sounded ignorant about it but now shes just rude and tacky! I feel sorry for her child. If she thinks cards are useless and doesn't keep "knickknacks" what is she going to do with all of the things he's going to make for her in school. Some people make me shake my head.

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