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Waiting is exhausting!

I am not a patient person, so waiting and wondering is simply killing me. The anticipation of, did this DEmbryo transfer work ??? is brutal. Transfer was on 5/9. Beta isn't until 5/22. And they had me do an Ovidrel injection on 5/13, so that darn trigger will probably be in my system until my beta. Arrrruuuuuugggghhh! I'm trying to stay busy, but it isn't easy!

Good luck to everyone!! And thanks for letting me vent.
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Re: Waiting is exhausting!

  • The 2ww is always so brutal for me. Good luck with your beta!
    Married 9-10-11

    Together 6 years before marriage

    Me 26 DH 28

    TTC since 9/2011

    Dx endo 2007 Sx laparoscopy

    End bcp 9/2011

    Dx annovulatory, DOR, Low AMH

    Hysteroscopy due to polyp 2-1-12

    IUI#1-3 Cancelled due to low response

    IUI#4 BFFN

    IVF#1 8/30 Beta#1 256, 8/31 Beta#2 482 BFP!! M/C 5w3d

    FET#1 Cancelled due to uterine fluid and thin lining

    FET#1.2Cancelled due to abnormal bleeding

    Hysteroscopy 12/28/12 All clear

    FET#1.3 2/2013 Cancelled

    FET #1.4 Start meds 2/19

    Good Luck to All!!


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  • Oh I'm sure!! FX for you!!

    ME:46 MH:44 DE IVF 2014
    Met with RE 4/11. 2 IUI's BFN. DE best option. Switched clinics to do "shared" program. Had to retake all tests and a mamm that put me behind and then on a DE waiting list for 12 months. Picked a donor!! (10/13/13) Got matched. Estimated transfer in December. After 2.5 years of patiently waiting I will finally cycle....can hardly believe it. DE cycle got cancelled. One of her tests came back positive.  Waiting for another donor. Donor picked!! (1/18/14)

    DE IVF #1 (4/26) BFN  DE FET #1 (6/4) BFP! Beta 1=339 Beta 2=852 Beta 3=9957 EDD 2/22/15!!



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  • Hang in there! Sorry you had a trigger shot that doesn't let you get the early result.  :( FX for a good beta on the 22nd!
    Lil'mamaz was born on Aug 21, 2014! She's PERFECT!

    It's been a long road to here...
    Me (43) and J (45) - same sex couple. And we don't feel 40+!
    June'12 - First RE Visit
    Sept. '12 - Tubes removed
    Dec. '12 - Donor Egg/Donor Sperm IVF Cycle - 4 good embies!
    Dec. '12 - Fresh transfer, BFP! EDD 8/29/13
    Mar. '13 - Missed m/c at 16w1d, baby boy stopped growing at 15w4d
    Loss due to umbilical cord was perfect. :(
    Jul '13 - FET#1 - c/p
    Sept. '13 - FET#2 - BFN
    Dec.' 2, 2013 - FET#3 with our last chance embie - BFP!!!
    Dec' 26, 2013 - hb!!
    EDD 8/20/14 with a baby girl!
    Little S was born on 8/21/14 - 8lb, 14 oz and 20 inches long.
    We live in Seattle and used SRM for our donor egg IVF cycle


  • Ha, ha!  I'm right there with you.  My beta is also on 5/22.  I'm trying to hold out until the weekend to test.
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  • Ugh! That's the worst. We are all crossing our fingers for you. 

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  • The 2ww is tough.  Hang in there.  FX for you!
     36 DH 33 TTC for over 3 years
    First mini-IVF Sept 2011... Only 1 egg! ... BFN
    Switching RE
    IVF#2 May 2012 9 eggs and only 2 sperm, WTH!
    IVF #3 March 2013~Tesa with back-up Donor Sperm,Tesa, unsuccessful used DS~ Chemical :(   

    Switching RE's within practice

    2 frosties waiting for us, November 2013!!!!!   Transferred 2 "average" blasts 11/20/2013
    BFP!!!!!!!  Boy/Girl Twins!!!!!! Due 08/08/2014

    My Blog

    *~God gives his hardest battles to his toughest solders. Unknown.
  • Thanks so much ladies! May I also mention just how much I hate progesterone!? Ick!

    Strunella - good luck to you, I've got my FX for you on 5/22 too!!

    SAIF/PAIF absolutely ALWAYS welcome to respond!
  • FX that your wait feels shorter than it has so far.  And yes I agree progestrone is the worst!

    Me:37 (DOR), DH: 40 (Normal) TTC #1 since Fall 2010
    2010-2012 - 7 rounds of Clomid, 4 IUI & 2 IVF - all BFN (2 chemical pregnancies)
    April 2013 fresh DEgg - 15R, 4F, 2 transferred = BFN.  
    FET - 11/13
    Beta #1 11/23 = 247; Beta #2 11/25 = 538; Beta #3 11/29 = 5481 BFP!!!!!
    U/s #1 12/7 & U/s #2 12/16 = One perfect little heart beat!! 
    EDD = 8/1/14

    Hope is the thing with feathers - that perches in the soul - and sings the tune without the words - and never stops - at all - (Emily Dickinson)

  • udc22udc22 member

    I was thinking about you this morning and how the wait is going. It is killing me as well. I don't go for my test until 5/23. My mind is all over the place. I have a small pain and I think something is wrong. The next pain I'm thinking that's implantation. Lord have mercy!  (~8

     FX for you and everyone in the 2ww.  

    TTC since 10/2010
    IVF #1 - BFN
    IVF #2 - BFP, MC @ 4 weeks
    IVF #3 - ET ~ 3/18/2013
  • image udc22:

    I was thinking about you this morning and how the wait is going. It is killing me as well. I don't go for my test until 5/23. My mind is all over the place. I have a small pain and I think something is wrong. The next pain I'm thinking that's implantation. Lord have mercy!  (~8

     FX for you and everyone in the 2ww.  

    I was thinking of you today too! Oh the humanity, we had our transfer the same day and they are making you wait one day longer. Not fair!! I'm with you - my head is all over the place. Last night I went through the "nope, this didn't work, who am I kidding" phase. Today, I feel like there's still a chance. Of course there's a chance, but your mind totally plays tricks.

    Hang in there, FX for you too!

    SAIF/PAIF absolutely ALWAYS welcome to respond!
  • Fingers crossed!! The wait is brutal.

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    Me (32) DH (36) - Finding our way to baby #1
    Me: POF/DOR - AMH <0.16, heterozygous c677t MTHFR, insulin resistant and gluten intolerant
    DH: Severe MFI

    12/2/11 - IUI #1- BFN 
    8/1/12 - IVF #1 - Zero response from max stims (600iu intramuscularly)

    My ovaries are just for decoration

    12/6/12 - Adopted five embryos that had been frozen for over ten years!
    2/11/13 - DEmbryo FET #1 Thawed four, sadly two didn't survive. Transferred two beautiful blasts. 
    2/16/13 - First BFP of my life @ 6dp5dt! EDD 10/30/13
    3/27/13 - After beta and u/s hell, no heartbeat ever detected. D&C at 9w1d.

    6/5/13 - Adopted four new embryos that had been frozen for seven years!
    9/12/13 - DEmbryo FET #2. Thawed and transferred two beautiful blasts
    9/17/13 - BFP @ 5dp6dt! EDD 05/31/14
    9/29/13 - m/c @ 5w1d. :(

    11/19/13 - DEmbryo FET #3. Thawed and transferred one blast from each batch. Wow!
    11/23/13 - BFP @ 4dp6dt! EDD 8/7/13
    Beta #1 @ 13dp6dt - 522  Beta #2 @ 16dp6dt - 1373 
    6w5d ultrasound showed one perfect baby with a beautiful heartbeat of 134bpm!

    Snowflake baby is a girl! 
    Our beautiful Snowflake girl arrived on July 22, 2014!   
    My embryo adoption blog: Wishing on a Snowflake
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  • Km672Km672
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    waiting is torture!! best of luck!!

    Me (32) DOR, elevated NK Cells/ 2 copies of MTHFR mutation/ MH (35) azoo/high DFI   (TTC#1 since 2009)

    IVFs#1-4: (4/10-2/12) all BFN

    Surprise Bfp (9/11) - c/p

    DS IUI#1-2 (9/12, 10/12) - BFN

    DS IVF: (11/12) - BFN

    DE/DS IVF#1: (10/13) - 2 day 3 embies transferred-BFFN

    FET of 2 day 6 blasts: (12/13) - c/p

    DE/DS IVF #2: (4/14) - 1 day 5 blast transferred...BFFN...again.

    FET 5/14: 1 day 5 hatching blast transferred...another BFFN

    Repeat SHG 6/14-normal / Endometrial Receptivity Array biopsy 7/14-Receptive Uterus

    New RE, additional testing reveals elevated NK Cells

    FET of 1 day 5 blast (RE recommends transferring 1 due to elevated NK cells) with lovenox, steroids & intralipids in October




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