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Two middle names

I couldn't find a post on this, so if I missed it and this is a repeat I apologize. I'm just wondering what everyone's opinion on two middle names is? I know multiple middle names are trending with celebrities and I was raised catholic, so in middle school I received a confirmation name which is similar to a second middle name and now I'm debating on two for my son.

I know ultimately its my choice and others opinions don't matter but I'd like to see if its too weird to others or...

Re: Two middle names

  • Personally, I like the idea. I wanted to use two family names as my son's middle names. My husband hated it though, so we opted for only one. :)
  • For others it's great, just NMS. I know someone who uses is two middle names and that is bc everyone in her family has 2 middle names, including her husband. So naturally their son has 2 middle names.
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    I get that it feels like a big decision now, but really, a middle name is just something that shows up on important documents. Sure, you'll get the occasional "what's your middle name?" small talk, and some parents use the full name to scold and sound serious, but other than that, they're never used.

    So, two middle names, three, zero, whatever. If you like the way it sounds, that's really the extent to which it matters.

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  • It's not my cup of tea but I have nothing against other people wanting longer (multiple) names for their children. Just poses a challenge in some types of paperwork where space is an issue.
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  • I have 2 middle names. I still don't know how to spell the second one and I didn't even really know I had it until I had to get a passport when I was 12.

    It's such an unimportant part of my life, I personally don't see the point. On most important things your write your middle initial, and when people ask me my middle name I tell them my first middle name. 

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    We are only having two middle names for this baby, and only because she's a girl. The name goes back to 1645 in DH's family, and all the women have this middle name. I wasn't a big fan of the name itself but I appreciate the tradition so we are giving her two middle names, one of our choosing and one the family name. Any future kids we have will just have one middle name. 

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    Some people love it and some people hate it. I like it. My sons both have two middle names as will my daughter. 
  • I have two middle names after getting married so I'm definitely in favor. I like it generally though. As long as it all flows and doesn't get too wordy I think it's fine. My full name is quite a mouthful which sometimes I regret .
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  • I'm doing a double middle name for my son! I'm using my grandpa and my dads names. It's a nice way to tribute to them without having to smash them together and name my son Gordott or Scordon or something crazy!
  • I have two middle names that honor my grandmothers and we named our son with two middle names that honor a grand sire from both sides of his family. 
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  • I think it's a silly trend.  It just seems like a mouthful to saddle your kid with and kind of pointless.  When you fill out forms there will be only one spot for a middle name or initial, which will you choose?  Save the superfluous name for the confirmation ceremony.  
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  • hi all my children have 2 middle names as do I and all my sisters and brother
  • Do what will make you happy. They can choose to just use one middle name in the future if that's what they really want. DH has 2 middle names and DS has 3. This LO will have 3 middle names as well.






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    Do what will make you happy. They can choose to just use one middle name in the future if that's what they really want. DH has 2 middle names and DS has 3. This LO will have 3 middle names as well.


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  • My LOs have two middle names, as will this one, so I'm all for it, obviously.  We've gotten a few comments on the length of the names, which I let go in one ear and out the other. Honestly, once we named the baby, the baby owned the name and dissenting opinions on the uniqueness/length/etc of the name meant zilch.  If you like it, go for it.

  • I also have two middle names and have had them since birth (compared to those who added a middle name with confirmation, marriage, etc). I honestly love it, it does give me something to say during all those "getting to know you" games and have always used both initials when possible.

    The only difficulties I have had is when it comes to standardized tests and some official documents where you can only input one initial (case and point, no matter now many times we have tried, our car title still has my first name, first middle initial and then my second middle name as my last name...super annoying and frustrating). The only other hassles I sometimes encounter is when cashiers are actually reading my license and credit card to ensure my names match. My credit card has my first name, first middle initial, last name while my drivers license has all four names, with my last name on a separate line so they often try to challenge me until I explain and point out the extra line on my license.

    Anyway, if it's something you want to do, go for it. I've always loved it even though my husband thinks it's ridiculous and I plan on carrying on the tradition if and when we ever have girls. 

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    We did for DD and will for DD2.

    The reason for DD - we were going to just use my middle name since its a tradition that is passed down. And then unexpectedly my husbands mother passed away when I was about 5 months pregnant. So we added her middle name after mine.

    For DD2 we will again so both girls have two - we are using both of our Grandmas names since they are both very important to us

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  • It is a tradition in our family for the girls to have 2 middles names. I think it's a great idea.

    I personally only hear them being used from an elder in the family and usually when I'm doin something wrong...lol
  • If we have a girl she will have two middle names.  The first goes with her first name and the second is our traditional family name.  The full name will be Calla Lily Joanne.  We opted to do two middle names rather than hyphenate Calla-Lily or doing something like CallaLily because... well, I prefer it!  Calla Lily has special meaning to me which is why that name was picked and why we are using the full name of the flower rather than just Calla.  At the end of the day, however, we're just going to call her Calla.

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