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Bed-sharing moms ?

Do you find yourself waking the baby up?  I thrash a lot in bed while sleeping.  It got so bad that DH and I eventually moved into separate rooms because he couldn't sleep through it at night.  I also snore pretty loudly ever since I had kids (I think it's out of exhaustion) Embarrassed

The last few nights I think I've been waking the baby up.  I remember going through this for a short while with #3 too.

Anyone else have this problem or am I the only pig that snores so loudly they wake up the whole house?


Re: Bed-sharing moms ?

  • I did briefly but E seems to sleep through just about anything.
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  • i make him move/stir a bit but generally once he's out for the count at night, he's OUT. in the morning he's a bit more restless, so usually when his dad wakes up for work, i do the 'pancake' aka i flip baby on to his stomach to get him to sleep (and let me sleep) that last 2 hours until 8ish.
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    I don't move but LO does lots of moving. Right now she is reach or grabbing for my face sometimes and waking me up. I think he also has been working on turning over during the nigt too, we hear lots o grunting noises as she works so hard to turn over




  • Nope. I'm a light sleeper and I am super still too. I used to snore when I was a smoker. Not anymore! DD wakes me up, either by looking for my breast, fighting her dirty diaper (she'll be asleep but squirming and grunting, trying to get way from it I think...) or talking to herself.
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  • I don't think I ever wakes the kids up.  But dh has.  He moves a lot.
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  • LOL no, I'm not having that happen....at least I don't think so.
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  • I don't think I snore but the only time I wake Luke up is if I get out of bed. He has a mommy sensor and it drives me nuts because I could hardly get past it.
  • I'm a quiet and motionless sleeper but my husband has always snored loudly. I've actually seen him snore loudly and wake the baby when they were napping, I think the babies used to it now though cause he usually falls back asleep quickly. He wakes us (me) up more with all his wiggling and noises. He is such a noisy sleeper, he coo's and groans and fusses in his sleep. He has also started scooting on his back to either me or my husband at night to cuddle. so cute!
  • oh yeah, and I fell asleep with my boob out one night and he grabbed my nipple with his mighty fist! Not a fun way to wake up
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