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Did you already...

Pack your hospital bag? I have no idea why but I have been putting it off. I now have people yelling at me to get it packed and ready......am I the only "slacker"?

Re: Did you already...

  • Mine won't be packed until I'm in labor, or the night before my surgery if I don't go into labor before then.
  • Nope, for some reason I'm really not stressed about it. I figure I'll have enough time. I'm hoping to labor at home for a while before going to the hospital. These are probably my famous last words.
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  • haha you're not alone!!! I am 37w4d and mine is not packed at all ;)  I kinda plan on packing it when I go into labor.  I only have a few items of clothes that fit me, so I'm wearing them until I need to bring them to the hospital!
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  • Yes because in my brain I will drive myself to the hospital. DH will probably be at work and think it is a false alarm lol!
  • I did. But I wanted everything done before my husband left for his trip.


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  • skioskio
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    No, and I won't be doing it for another 3 or 4 weeks. I made a list. That's sufficient for now.
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  • I have not, but the tank tops I want to bring with me to the hospital, I still wear, I have underwear, and capris in the bag, with some toiletries, bu tI know I will do better if I pack running around the house, and honestly we live so close to the hospital (3 blocks) that if i forget anything, I am sure my hubby can run home and get it for me.  I guess I am just not to worried about it,
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  • Not packed yet. I'll probably do it in a few weeks. I'm probably deluding myself here, but I'm just not ready for baby to be here yet, so I figure if the bag isn't packed.... 
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  • sctigersctiger
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    I haven't packed mine and probably won't until I am in early labor.  We are also only 3 miles from the hospital so I don't see the need to do it now.  After I'm done with work next week I might pack a few things for after delivery though.
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  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    Not even in the slightest. I started making a list of things I need to put in a bag, but I haven't even thought about gathering them and physically putting them in said bag.

    I'm only 34 weeks, though.  I don't think I packed mine last time until almost 38 weeks.  And I was still adding stuff the night before my induction bc I kept remembering things I forgot! 


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  • this... I'm normally a HUGE planner but for some reason this is the one thing I don't want to have ready. probably because we only live 15 from the hospital and getting things that I need/forgot won't be an issue
  • I have packed mine yet and have about 3 wks at most before baby girl comes. I need to get my butt in gear too.
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  • Nope and I probably won't until I go into labor (or before getting induced if this one is anything like DD1).

    I might make a list at some point of what I want to remember to take, but packing my bag is so low on my list right now.  I think it's partially due to it being the 2nd time around and that DH will be going home to be with DD1, so if I don't bring something it's not a big deal at all. 

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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    I haven't even thought about packing mine, but I'm only 34 weeks.  Even so, I won't pack until at least 37 weeks and probably after that.  I will have to pack DS too because he'll be staying with my parents while I'm in the hospital.  That will probably happen last minute too.

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  • llbta85llbta85
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    Haven't packed one yet, I am pretty sure I packed mine the night before my indcuation when I had DS.  That being said, last night DH asked me to pack one ASAP, so I guess I ought to get on that...
  • I'm an oddball I guess, had mine ready at 26 weeks... Worry wart much? Lol
  • No, but I have DS's bag packed for his grandparents' house, and have the baby's stuff packed. I have a few things laid out for me but not packed yet. I plan to do it soon. I'm 2cm dilated already, which I KNOW logically means nothing, but it's still motivating me to get my a$$ in gear, which is something.


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  • I keep saying I'm going to pack it, but haven't yet. I'll get to it when I get to it I guess!

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  • I've got some stuff in the bag. Things I won't need to use or wear between now and then. I do have a list of all the stuff I need though, so when I go into labor I'll just run down the list and check it all off.




  • No worries... I just packed mine yesterday at 37w1d.  Well... sorta.. I have several things I still need to add. And pretty much the only reason is because a friend of mine had her baby (we were due at the same time) and I know if I leave it until the last minute I will have a bunch of junk I don't need and will have forgotten everything I DO need.  I packed last minute for a vacation before and I ended up with 4 bathing suits and NO pants!
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  • Nope, I have my toiletries all packed, but they are always packed in the small medicine bag we have.

    My brother got married over the weekend so I didn't want to pack the hospital bag until the wedding was over.  I took a lot of the same things with for the hotel that I'll be taking to the hospital. 

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  • Not yet.  I made a list of the things I want to pick up at Target tonight, but even after that, it won't be ready yet...
  • Mine is not packed, but I printed a list and started setting things aside.

    I want to get it down this weekend though, because DH is going away for a business trip next week and will be a five hour plane ride away.   I also want to get the bases for the infant seat installed before he goes too.

    I hope nothing happens in the way of labor while he is gone, but with a toddler and working full time, I want to be as prepared as possible in case it does happen and he isn't here to help me get everything together.


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  • Mostly packed. I have some stuff that won't go in until the last minute, though - glasses, protein bars, hair dryer.

    I'm putting a note on top of the bag with the list of those last minute items so I don't forget anything when it's time to grab and go.

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  • I should've 

    especially after last weeks scare/3 day hospital trip

    but I'm still procrastinating.   I do really need to since our hospital doesn't provide anything PP care wise for me or to diaper LO with.  

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  • Not done. I'm a slacker.
  • Yep
    Are we having fun yet?



  • Not packed... I just keep putting it off. I blame it on my husband carrying up the bag from the basement. I could do it... but I just haven't.
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    No, and I won't be doing it for another 3 or 4 weeks. I made a list. That's sufficient for now.

    This! List is made, bag is not packed, might make my hubby do it while I'm laboring at home with my doula. 

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