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crazy arms when unswaddled

I want to unswaddle DD but when I do, she doesn't settle down and sleep, she just flails her arms all over.  I think she's just exploring, looking at her hands but I'm wondering if your LO does this?  I assume she'll stop when the novelty of being free wears off but I'm scared to try it and have a really bad night.  I think her startle refex is mostly gone, so this isn't related to that. 

Any tips that worked for you to get them out of the swaddle?  Our biggest problem is her losing the paci so I'm hoping that with free arms she'll start learning how to put it back in herself.

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Re: crazy arms when unswaddled

  • mj0011mj0011
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    I tried to unswaddle LO 4 weeks ago and had this problem, so we did 1 arm for 3 weeks and tried again, this time with better results.  He still flails sometimes but it is not as bad and he can calm himself.  
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  • We're experiencing this too. The startle reflex only really shows up if we lay him in his crib asleep from another position. Right now the manic arm movements are more about trying to control and grab, helping himself to roll over, trying to grab things, or getting his hands to his mouth. Fun to watch but a pain in the arse when you want to sleep at night.
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  • Unswaddle one arm at a time. It eases them into being free. It worked great for DD and now only had her legs swaddled. I just wish there was a way to unswaddle one leg at a time! Haha
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  • ecu0505ecu0505
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    image Wild_flower25:

    I want to unswaddle DD but when I do, she doesn't settle down and sleep, she just flails her arms all over.


    I could have written this....we tried one arm out the other night only because she wiggled that one arm out.  I am anxious about letting go of the swaddle! 

  • I went cold turkey with the swaddle last night. He was flailing around (even in his sleep) for almost an hour before he settled into a deep sleep. Is it keeping LO awake?

    EDIT: I just reread your post to see that it is keeping LO awake. I went cold turkey, but  agree that one arm sounds like a good way to ease into it. 


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  • I just switched to the magic sleep suit. It is like magic.
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