Leaving bottles while at work and MIL comments...

My baby is 13 weeks and I go back to work on Monday. Since I will be gone from 9:30 to about 6:30 pm how many bottles do you think I should leave for MIL to feed her? (I was thinking 4 to be safe, since I'll feed her before I leave) Also, how many oz should I put in each bottle? I feel pressured to put at least 4 to 5 oz in each one since my mil has watched her once or twice for a few hours for me and both times she commented that she didn't think I was leaving enough in each bottle. (the bottles have had between 3-4 oz in them) I tried explaining that breastfed babies don't drink as many oz as ff babies (and her other grand babies were BIG eaters and ff) but both times when I came back she commented how she ate everything in the bottle and probably would have liked more... Blah blah. So am I just being frugal with my precious milk or should I be leaving more than 4 oz in a bottle? I'm just worried I won't keep up with that amt by pumping at work.  Sorry this is so long!!! Tia!

Re: Leaving bottles while at work and MIL comments...

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