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Anyone else not using baby towels for this LO? We used them religiously with DD1. This time I've found regular towels to be so much easier and effective.

What other things are you doing differently?
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  • ajetterajetter
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    I use the Pottery Barn hooded towels, love them. But if it isn't those it is a regular towel. No NEED for baby towels or washcloths. They are generally overpriced and not effective.
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    I am a FTM but I too have found how much nicer regular towels are already!
  • I just use whatever towel is clean and actually in the bathroom (not in the hamper waiting to be folded).

    Other things I do differently now vs. the first one or two:

    1 - I used my Boppy religiously up until I had this one.  Now I'm too lazy to try to find it in whatever room it was last left.  Plus my kids keep stealing it to use for various toys around the house.

    2 - I used to buy special baby shampoos and stuff.  Now I just use whatever is in the shower (it's always all natural anyways).

    3 - I used to dress my babies up every day in cute clothes and now I just keep her in a sleeper because it's easier to change diapers in.

    4 - With the first baby I always made sure whatever surface he was on was clean.  I always put a blanket down on the floor for him to play on.  Now I just brush crumbs out of the way and make sure there aren't any chokables in the way before I throw the baby down on the floor.

    I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of now.

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  • I use baby wash cloths only because DH is always grabbing NOT cleaning cloths to clean with. Like he will take an adult wash cloth to polish our wood furniture with pledge, not the rags. So rather than risk washing the baby with paint thinner....

    DH and I both use dandruff shampoo so we do buy baby shampoo as well.

    The only thing I really do differently is I now realize that it won't kill E if he cries. If I'm in the shower, I finish first then go get him. I figure if he is crying, I know he is breathing fine.
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  • When I look back to my first baby, I laugh. I was COMPLETELY by the book and very anxious! 

    1.  I used to only change DS on a changing table when I was home because I didn't feel comfortable changing him anywhere else...I religiously buckled him up on the changing table also...now I change kids anywhere....on my lap, the sofa, the floor, in the car.....wherever and whenever.
    2. I agree with the BOPPY also....always used it with the first two, but now I just sit wherever to nurse and in goes the boob...though my neck does hurt a lot more....but I am too busy to retrieve it every feeding session.
    3. I used to wash every single article of clothing after I bought them before they even touched LO....now I am thankful for a new outfit right from the store, because that means I don't have to to rummage around for an outfit.  My life is laundry so anything I don't have to wash is a blessing.  
    4. I sanitized every bottle, pacifier,etc.  Especially if I dropped them....I was worried that the germs would hurt my LO....now...well, everything gets dropped and wiped off....no biggie.
    5. This is wacky, but with my first I was terrified to change brands of diapers....he had pampers in the hospital and I stuck with those because I thought other brands might hurt his skin. Basically, as you can see I was an anxious first time mom....it was an exciting time, but I enjoy things so much more because my energy is focused on enjoying the kids and not about obsessing over germs, etc!  :)


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    1. Haha, baby towels are something that I totally tell people not to buy.  I started using regular towels with DS1 really early becuase the baby towels I had were annoying (too thin).  With DS2, I never used them!

      Hmm...need to think about what I might be doing differently this time around.

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    2. I thought of another one - with the first I encouraged new milestones.  I couldn't wait until he was crawling/walking/turned around in his carseat/out of his crib, potty-trained - you name it.  Every new thing was so exciting and I couldn't wait for it.  Now, I'm like "Noooooo!  Please don't roll over.  That will make everything so much more inconvenient!" 
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