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Induction Option- anyone have experience here?

Hi ladies, 

Hope you all are well! I'm due in less than 2 weeks with my second son, and had my Dr appt today. Something that has been discussed with me is an option to schedule an induction with this baby, assuming next week my cervix is softened and I've shown signs of progress.


The benefits of scheduling the induction for #2 is more of a lifestyle decision (to ensure my son is being taken care of, make sure my husband isn't at work- which is far away-etc etc.) It's an elective induction and would be more of for ease-of-mind for family planning, as opposed to medically required.


Some history on me: My labor & delivery with my first son was VERY fast- so that plays into my fears about delivering a baby in a car! I also tested positive for Strep B this time around, so this would give me time to make sure I'm getting the antibiotics before the baby comes. Otherwise, I've had a very normal pregnancy- and besides being super uncomfortable, especially chasing a toddler, I'm ok. 


I just wanted to hear from anyone who has been offered this elective induction for the 2nd time around... what are you thinking? Or if anyone has chosen this (or not chosen this route), are you content with your direction?


Thanks for listening :)  

Re: Induction Option- anyone have experience here?

  • lkm2006lkm2006
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    I had an elective induction with my second.

    I was induced for medical reasons with my first and it went smoothly and the contractions weren't bad [supposedly pitocin causes the devils contractions] but I do have a higher pain tolerance.

    This time, it was offered as an elective induction at 39 weeks 5 days. I was 2 cm and 70 so favorable.

    Like you, I was also positive for group b but I'll be honest, I wasn't worried about having a fast labor so it was mostly for convience [and a few personal] issues that I accepted. I had child care lined up, the dogs booked at the kennel, and family able to come into town and DH off from work.

    Labor was much fast than last time [first was 18 hours and an hour and a half of pushing. This time 9 hours from the start to finish, including 10 minutes of pushing].

    It's definitely a personal choice and maybe one that some don't understand. But I have no regrets and I am glad we went with it.


  • I was induced both times, at 39 weeks, but it was due to concerns with GD, so for medical reasons. I admit, though, I was a little relieved to have a scheduled induction with #2 because it just made it easier knowing when. My parents could come from out of town (6hrs away) to care for DD1, DH is a teacher so he could more easily schedule a sub if we had a date, and I didn't stress going into labor while home alone with DD1. 

    I definitely, completely understand the upside to electing induction, but I personally don't think I could in good conscience choose to induce early without medical reasons. I pushed to wait as long as possible to induce because I was apprehensive about the fact that we were evicting the babies instead of letting them come when they were ready. 

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  • Thank you for the responses! I know since this is elective, it's controversial (and to be honest- I'm trying to figure out how I feel about it!) 


  • I've been induced 4 our of 5 times and it went really well.  The only one that I was not induced for came 4 days before the scheduled induction and I was kind of bummed.  I was at work, felt crappy all day (finished my work day) went home, packed my stuff and DH took me to the hospital.  For all the other births we have had family with us (and the kids) but it was not feasible with me going to the hospital at 6pm (kids go to bed at 8).  My mom had to stay behind with the other kids, so she missed the birth as well.  Baby was born at 11:30 that night, all was well, we were just disappointed that we couldn't share the moment with everyone.
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  • @MammaBear81


    Just wanted to say that picture of your 5 children is so precious! I'm nervous about having two- so good for you for handling that gorgeous crew!


    And I feel selfish in a way that I'm excited about the possibility of a scheduled induction, but I know it would also bring a sense of peace for myself, my husband, son, dog and all of my family who will want to be there or be available.  

  • ilanatilanat
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    I had an emergency induction because my blood-pressure (which is normally fine) sky-rotted to the point where I could not see.  I have only given birth one time, but on the induction drugs I felt like things were moving like a freight train going fast down a steep hill.  I could not control anything; I also had a huge tear that took about 8 weeks to be remotely quasi-normal - I think it was because the delivery was too fast. If I had a choice, given no medical emergency, I would not want to go through that again.  This was my experience, and may not be typical at all.  
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  • QmommyQmommy
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    My OB has mentioned an elective induction this the since my last labor was only 2.5 hours but I think I'm going to pass.  I was group b positive with DD2 (my 2.5 hour labor) and didnt have time for antibiotics.  She's perfectly healthy.  they just monitored her for 48 hours and sent us on our way.  I really don't want drugs and I know I can do it naturally so I'll pass on the induction. 
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