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Formula Water Oops

So I have boiled DS' formula water since he started taking formula around 2 weeks old. Well, a week ago at his Dr's appointment I asked if I could start just using the water from our Brita pitcher and they said yes. Well, when I replaced the filter yesterday, I didn't get in inserted correctly but I didn't realize it until this morning. So, it wasn't filtering the tap water at all and I gave DS bottles all day yesterday with unfiltered, unboiled tap water. Our city water is pretty good but I did notice that he was a little more fussy than normal yesterday and he woke up a lot in the night (he had been sleeping through the night consistently for the last 3 weeks). I feel like a complete idiot and I hope it's not as big of a deal and I'm making it out to be.

Has anyone used just plain unfiltered tap water for their formula? If so, have you noticed if it makes a difference in your LOs bowl movements or fussiness?

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Re: Formula Water Oops

  • Umm.  I have only used tap water with formula.  I only supplement once a day though.  I didn't even know I wasn't supposed to do this. My baby is always gassy so hard to know if this contributes to it.  I hope some others answer this post.
  • We've never used anything BUT tap water, never boiled it. We only ever used formula for one or two feedings and only for the first month until I had breast milk supply backup, but dd never seemed affected by it at all.
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  • I have only used formula water so not sure how to answer, I use Gerber Pure because it has no added fluoride, Id like to see answers though for sure.
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    We only supplement with formula (1-2 times a day), but we always use tap water. We technically have an under sink filter but it hasn't been changed in ages so it's pretty much unfiltered. DS has survived thus far. I haven't noticed any difference in his behavior or poops.
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  • We have well water and our pedi suggested using the nursery water or double filtered water.
  • Filtering really only depends on the quality of your city water, or at least that is what my Pedi told me.  In my city, the water is toxic.  Pregnant women and babies are not supposed to ingest tap water at all.  Truly disgusting considering this is the same water you BATHE in and BRUSH YOUR TEETH with... 

     I EBF, so the water doesn't really matter for LO. We have a water softener, and a whole house water filter, as well, though.  Thankfully, they both seem to be finally working WITH each other! (Yay!) We still filter all of our drinking water though.  We have a fridge Britta filter, and a snap on PUR filter on the kitchen (we use either or, not both, lol!).  Even my dogs get filtered water here!

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  • DS gets formula once or twice a day and I've always just used regular tap water. Hasn't seemed to be an issue thus far!

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    We have well water so we boil it, but if we didn't we would just use regular tap water!


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  • my BFF formula feeds and has always used unboiled, unfiltered tap water. we live in nyc where the tap water is supposedly really good and if i formula fed, i wouldn't think twice about it. when it comes time for baby to drink water, he'll get tap.
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  • We've always used unboiled tap water and DS hasn't had any problems.
  • khazekhaze
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    We've formula fed since day one and have only used unboiled, unfiltered tap water served at room temp. Call your pedi if you're worried, but unless your water is bad for some reason, it'll be fine.

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  • DD gets 1-2 bottles of formula a day and I usually make it with filtered tap water.  Early on I boiled some, then I switched to using tap water.  I didn't notice any change in her behavior. 
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