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I'm really miserable at my current job, too many changes and I work for a large faceless corporation that keeps changing things all the time, not to mention the people I talk to on a daily basis are people that want something for nothing.

My sister in law told me that there will be some job openings coming in June/July due to a rule change in her office which is a place I've been trying to get a job for YEARS! However I will be about 5 or 6 months pregnant when those job openings happen, and it won't be guaranteed that they'll wait for me until after I deliver.

I'm trying to decide if its absolutely foolish to even apply. 

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  • I would apply.  They can always say no, but what if they say yes? You will be glad you applied.

  • It's never foolish to apply. Just be upfront about everything and have a solidly thought out plan for what you plan to do for leave and when you plan to come back. You never know, they may love you. And you do still have a job even if you hate it so no harm no foul.



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    Apply! What is the harm. There was a job my husband wanted the other day and he told he wasn't going to apply because they wouldn't hire him since he didn't have much experience in what they were looking for. I thought he was nuts! Why not??? What if they did give it to you? You will never know if you don't go for it. Like the other poster said, the worst that can happen is they say no.
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  • I feel the same way about my job. It's sad but every day I wake up hoping they lay me off so I don't have to go back... I used to love it there then everything changed. I was thinking of applying at another job but I don't want to go there with no vacation or sick time then be out on leave before I know it. It's a hard choice but if you don't have anything to lose at your current job other then your mind lol I say do it!
  • I agree with all of the above! there is never any harm in submitting your application! and my advice then would just to be honest. Good luck!
  • Definitely apply!  I speak from experience when I say it's hard to find qualified & good workers!  Be confident and go for it.
  • I don't think there is any harm in applying, but do know that FMLA benefits may not apply if you haven't been with the company for certain amount of time.  I'm not sure what the exact time frame is, but I believe they only have to extend you those benefits if you have been with the company for over a year.  Depending on what your maternity leave plans are, you might run into some trouble.
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  • Apply. Definitely apply. I'm currently applying to jobs at 6 months pregnant because I can't stand the thought of going back to what I have. Keep in mind that you may want to follow up with everyone you interview with. You will want to know what you weren't selected for a position. If the only reason they give you is because you are pregnant and the company has six or more employees, then you have found a case of work place discrimination. By being open with the pregnancy, you may find that the company is willing to make due with a temp until you can come back to work.

    Don't assume you know the outcome before you even apply.

  • I'd apply just to see where things went.

    I'm sort of in the same situation as you are, but I can't pass up my having maternity leave in October.  I intend on looking for other options to avoid working on weekends, but I would lose the either 6 or 12 weeks and FMLA coverage depending on the new job's benefits.

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  • You will not be eligible for FMLA.  The FMLA rule is that you have to have worked there for a year and 1250 hours.  Just be aware of that.  I don't qualify at my job because I only work 60% at that job & off course my I don't qualify at my other job because I'm only part-time there, so I have to go back after 6 weeks, which sucks, especially since I work nights.  It might still be worth it if you hate your job, but just go into it knowing about the FMLA requirement.  

    I will only be a about a hundred hours short of qualifying, I am desperately trying to get the extra hours, but our hospital is slow now, so likely won't qualify.  They may still give you a personal leave without pay, but you'll have to pay COBRA, which is expensive.  Good luck on whatever you decide

  • There's no harm in just applying and seeing what happens! If you don't get the job, then at least you tried and you still have your other job, no harm no foul. but if you don't try to apply then you'll always be wondering if you could have gotten it or not.
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