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Hump Day DeBump Day!

Hi, ladies! Welcome to our first check in! We'll do a Fitness, Food, and GTKY question every Wednesday. Kudos to MrsMoJo for the awesome check in title!

Intro: Since it's our first check in, tell us a little bit about yourself. When was LO born, are you a FTM, STM, etc, how much weight did you gain, how much do you have left to lose...and anything else you'd like to add.

Fitness: How is working out going for you? Have you gotten into a good routine around LO's schedule? Haha, well, LO's "schedule" since that's probably what it is right now. :)

Food: How are you doing with eating healthy?  Is it a struggle right now making time for it? Is it going awesome and you have some tips you'd like to give the rest of us?

GTKY: Share your favorite healthy recipe!

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Re: Hump Day DeBump Day!

  • JmeJmeJmeJme
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    Intro: I'm a FTM, DD was born 3/24. I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, and I still have 28 left to lose. I'm only 5'2", so that's A LOT. I'm a runner, so I'm hoping that now I'm getting back to running, that will help!

    Fitness: As long as the weather cooperates, I've been going for an hour long walk/run with LO every day, as well as doing the 30 Day Shred Video and the 300 ab challenge  throughout the day as I have time.

    Food: I'm doing a lot better with eating than I did during pregnancy...I'm usually a super clean eater, but definitely ate a lot of things that I normally wouldn't while I was pregnant. Luckily, if I'm too tired to cook lately, DH has been making dinner when he gets home from work.

    GTKY: These stuffed peppers are the best ever! I add ground beef to half of it for DH, and always end up with extra filling, and it's amazing leftover! I also throw the peppers in the oven while I'm making the filling, so it doesn't take nearly as long to make, since you just have to stuff the peppers and cook them long enough for the cheese to melt after the filling is done!

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  • Intro: DD was born March 14th and is now 2 months old and very smiley! During pregnancy I had GD and was very good about only gaining 30 lbs. The catch is I needed to lose at least 20lbs before I got pg. Since giving birth I have lost all but 7 lbs to get to pre-pregnancy weight, but 27 left to lose before I can even think of having more kids. I am a FTM and trying to get through each day without beating myself up too much about not getting anything done at home besides taking care of DD. Also, my work is having a weight loss competition that I hope will keep me motivated along with this check in group.

    Exercise: I tried starting the 30 challenges of crunches, squats and planks last Tuesday, and was doing really well until Sunday. LO and I were out all day which threw her "schedule" off and I could not find the time to fit it in among the other things I was trying to get down before my work week started. Monday and Tuesday were days where DD did not want to be put down and so I could not do them. Since it has been at least 3 days since I have done my exercises I am tempted to start from the beginning, because I think it will kick my butt if I start back where I left off. I have an X-Box Kinect system with the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout that I used to use pre-pregnancy, but because of the setup of our living room I need to move furniture in order to use it, so needless to say I have not gone back to it. I also need to get back to walking with DD since it is getting nice.

    Food: As far as eating healthy, DH and I are trying our best, but with LO we keep forgetting to meal plan. We weren't that great at it before LO, but it seems to have gotten worse since we keep focusing on her. I am at least doing well eating three times a day consistently which is something I did not always do pre pregnancy.

    DH does most of the cooking so I really don't have any recipes to contribute currently, but I will try to find one that I like and works. Looking forward to our check-ins!

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  • Intro: FTM. DS was born 3/20. Gained 60 pounds, lost 30 by the time I came home from the hospital, haven't lost anything since.

    Fitness: We go for a 45 minute to hour long walk just about everyday. I'm going to pick up an elliptical tonight to use in the mornings before DS wakes up when I go back to work.

    Food: This is my main issue. I love to exercise, but I also love to eat! I'm working on it though.

    Recipe: My favorite healthy food right now is 2 scrambled egg whites and a tomato slice on 2 pieces of whole grain toast with salt and pepper. Yummm!

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  • Intro

    FTM and my DD Brooklynn was born on the 13th. Like pp I was 20 lbs over my goal weight pre prego. Then I went ahead and packed on 40 lbs during pregnancy. Yikes! I'm only 5 foot 2 inches so yea...not very happy about my body at the moment. However, I'm down to 159 as of yesterday so that's 25 lbs lost since giving birth. Recently I decided that once I'm down to my pre pregnancy weight I'm going to stop weighing in and just focus on getting my body in shape and healthy. I feel that media puts too much emphasis on weight or pant size rather than strength of our body and our health. But I won't get into that right now.


    Since I'm very out of shape right now I'm starting slow. I'm doing the biggest loser challenge bootcamp workout. It starts at level one then you add on more levels as you get better. My goal is to do the workout every day for 21 days in a row. Supposedly that's the amount of time it takes to form a habit. I'm on day two and very sore. Lol.


    I'm terrible at diets so I'm just trying to eat healthy in general. If I tell myself I can't eat certain foods I will last about 2 days before binging on bad foods. Or I'll have one mess up and feel so guilty that I give up all together. It's especially hard with a newborn. I'm like the pp we are bad at meal planning which ultimately ends up in eating fast food every now and then. I just do the best I can in that department.

    Healthy recipe

    I recently made these banana pancakes. They were super simple. Mash up a couple ripe bananas in a plastic ziploc. Add sifted ingredients of flour, baking power, salt, sugar... I think that was all. Mix it up, cut a corner of the bag to pour. I'll have to find the recipe again. They were really good and better for you than regular pancakes. Even my husband ate them and he hates pancakes. Bananas have tons of health benefits too so they're a good thing to keep on hand.

  • Intro: Hi! I'm a FTM and my LO was born 3/11/13 (10 days after her due date..thanks kid!) via emergency csection after 26 hours of labor.  I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy (123 to 163) and i'm at 132 lbs since Monday. HOWEVER, I', also at 16% body fat according to this dunk tank my gym got, so I must have put some muscle on by working out during my pregnancy. I guess to get down to my pre pregnancy weight without losing muscle I would have to get down to 10-11% body fat so my new goal weight is 125-126 with 12-13% body fat.

    Fitness: Working out is good!  I go to Crossfit at 5 am every week day (well..try too) and LO and i take 1-2 walks a day for some of her shorter naps. I really enjoy wearing her, plus it's good for her to get out during the day so we usually take a morning walk and then an afternoon walk when her dad gets home.  I workout for 2 hours on Saturday with an olympic class plus a partner workout and then I run on Sundays. I'm trying to work on some of my cardio along with my skills that got messed up when my body shape changed (I miss my core!)

    Food: Right now my gym is doing a paleo challenge, so it's going good! With paleo you really need to have time to cook, so since I don't, my meals are boring...but I'm really just eating for fuel lol.  We get a 4 hour "cheat" window so I'm excited for that probably Saturday haha....I'm also doing a 10 day herbal cleanse which isn't like a juice cleanse...more, about "cleaning out" your digestive system, which is perfect since csection recovery means I'm sure a lot of stuff is backed up there...

    GTKY: oh no! ill have to come back to that 

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  • tilsonctilsonc
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    Intro: I'm a FTM, LO was born 3/7. I gained around 66 lbs (did not do final weigh in at hospital...thankgoodness!) during my pregnancy, and I still have 25 left to lose. Fitness: I have going to the gym when my husband gets home from work. I have been trying to do 30 mins on the ellipital and some weights. I try to workout at least 5 times a week. I love going on walks, but its so hot here and my feet have been killing me since my delivery. Food: I have been eating non-processed food. We have a place that sells fresh prepackaged meals and I eat those for lunch. I have 1 cheat meal a week (usually on Saturday). I also usually have a cocktail or two during this time (only time I drink during the week). GTKY: I don't do a lot of cooking, but I use a VitaMix (amazing blender) everyday to make smoothies (lots of organic fruits and veggies) or soup (its hot and ready to go once you pour it out of blender).
  • I finally just logged onto the actual computer so I can see siggys! JmeJme love your boxer, I have two :)

     Intro: DD was born on 3/4, and her brother just turned one on 3/30. I gained a total of 20 pounds the second time around, but hung on to five from the previous pregnancy. I am 5'6 and weigh 135, but would like to lose and additional 15lbs to the 20 I have already lost.

    Fitness: Have not had the chance to work out yet. Just got a double jogging stroller this weekend, so I am excited to get outside and start off walking first. I also had a c section, and was scared to push it early on.

    Food: I am following a Paleo lifestyle. I cut out all processed food and only eat lean meats, fruits, veggies, etc.

    GTKY: I was planning on sharing my stuffed pepper recipe also! I will pop in later when I think of a good one.

     OK. I love roasted cauliflower! As a side, as a snack, the next day cold out of the fridge... 

    Cut cauliflower into peices, put into a ziploc bag with EVOO, salt, pepper, and grated cheese. Shake. Spread onto a tin foil covered cookie sheet. Roast at 400 degrees until tender. I like mine to have a slight crunch left.


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  • Intro: I'm a FTM to LO born 3/19. I gained 52 lbs during pregnancy and have lost all but 3 lbs (thank you pumping!). I need to lose those 3 plus another 40 from before pregnancy.UGH!

    Fitness: What is "working out"? Jk.. kinda. My BIL let me borrow Insanity so maybe I can start that however the workouts are so long! I'm thinking evening walks might be what we do for now since I can actually be with LO too.

    Food: Healthy eating is definitely hard. I have been back at work for nearly 3 weeks which means a quick breakfast, quick lunch since I pump at lunch, and usually whatever my MIL cooks for supper (think stereotypical south- sweet tea and fried fill in the blank). I signed up for WW today based on posts by other March mommas so hoping to have results like them. Hopefully tomorrow will be the fresh start I need.

    GTKY: I got nothin' for you ladies! Let me get on the WW website and try a few things. I will post 2 recipes next week to make up for it. :)

    PS I'm so excited for this accountability!

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  • Hi! I'm 29, I teach PreK, and I have two boys. DS1 is three and DS2 is 10 weeks and was born March 6th. I gained 50 lbs with DS1 and was able to lose all but the last ten before I got pregnant again. This time I gained 40 lbs. I've lost 30 and would like to take off 20 more to be back where I was pre kids.

    I've started working out this week using 10 minute workouts on Hulu. I try to do two of those a day right now and can break it up if needed so it's not hard to find the time. I've had a difficult recovery so I am starting slow.

    I've been tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal and am really going to crack down next week. This week I've just been trying to make healthier choices and tweak my diet to weed out the junk.

    My favorite healthy recipe is to roast asparagus, peppers, grape tomatoes, and red onion in the oven. Then I mix the veggies with brown rice or quinoa, feta cheese, and fresh parsley. It's delicious!

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  • image JmeJme:

    Hi, ladies! Welcome to our first check in! We'll do a Fitness, Food, and GTKY question every Wednesday. Kudos to MrsMoJo for the awesome check in title!

    Intro: Since it's our first check in, tell us a little bit about yourself. When was LO born, are you a FTM, STM, etc, how much weight did you gain, how much do you have left to lose...and anything else you'd like to add. 

    Ds2 was born 3/8,  He is my third child and is a generation younger than my oldest.  I gained 10 lbs during the pg and lost 15 with his birth -- I may have lost weight but I gained belly as I swear the weight shifted during pg.  I am 42 and dh is 58 and ds2 is his first child.

    Fitness: How is working out going for you? Have you gotten into a good routine around LO's schedule? Haha, well, LO's "schedule" since that's probably what it is right now. :)

    My workout consists of avoiding the elevator at work so far, hoping to add in evening walks when the weather cooperates.

    Food: How are you doing with eating healthy?  Is it a struggle right now making time for it? Is it going awesome and you have some tips you'd like to give the rest of us?

    Since I can't eat gluten normally and have removed dairy for ds there isn't a whole lot of unhealthy foods I can eat -- unless you count a love of bacon for breakfast.

    GTKY: Share your favorite healthy recipe!

    Dh does the cooking 99% of the time right now and I don't know the recipes he uses -- but we love his homemade chicken broth/stock made from all of the vegetable scraps (carrot and potato peels, celery ends, etc) and the carcasses of our roasted chickens.

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  • Intro: Ella Virginia was born on February 26 at 2:03 pm via c-section when I was induced at 38 weeks. I had to round of cervadil and 2 days of pitocin to round out 53 hours of labor that ended in a section because my cervix would not dilate! I'm a FTM. I gained 15 pounds during my pregnancy because I had severe hyperemesis until the day I gave birth. I couldn't gain weight! I wish I had that problem now.... I have no weight left to lose, technically, but I would like to lose 5 to 10 more pounds and definitely want to tone up. I am 123 now and would like to get down to 115.

    Fitness: I have been recovering from a c section, but Ellie is 11 weeks old now, so I have to suck it up and start getting my body tightened up again! I just ordered 30 Day Shred and plan on doing that because I can't afford a gym membership, nor do I have time for it! 

    Food: Terribly. I have made no time for my diet. I eat whatever is on hand. I  forget to eat most of the day and realize at 6 pm I haven't had anything but coffee, then eat junk all night. Its HORRIBLE!!

    GTKY: Sliced summer squash and crab meat in a casserole dish baked with bread crumbs and paprika. Out of this world!!!

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  • How are you doing with eating healthy?nbsp; Is it a struggle right now making time for it? Is it going awesome and you have some tips you'd like to give the rest of us?GTKY: Share your favorite healthy recipe!

    Hi there,

    Gtny: lo was born march 15. I am a ftm and I gained about 45 lbs. I still have 18 lbs to loose to get to my prepreg weight but when I got preg I was about 15 lbs above where I'd like to be. So in hoping to lose 30 lbs at least but my first goal is the 15 baby pounds. Oh, and I'm a Canadian mama. We should really make a Facebook group. I find it easier to follow with notifications and whatnot. Plus then peeps can post healty recipes, photos and such.

    Fitness: not ideal. It's not regular yet because lo has been all over the map lately with naps and general fussiness. But I've been trying to do the kinect my shape on the days Dh is home so that I can put in a decent workout and not worry about listening for lo. On other days, I'm trying this mama workout I found on pintrest bc lo has been cat napping a lot recently so I wanted something I didn't need a video for it's mostly body weight exercises; squats, crunches, jumping jacks etc. and I'm super sore today. My goal is to do the kinect 2 x a week on fri and Saturdays at least. And the mama workout in between naps 23 times a week. I'm planning on getting/forcing a more regular routine by Sunday.

    Food: I'm eating a million times better since I did prior to getting preggo. And the scale still hasn't budged. So frustrating! I'm starting a no eating past 730 rule. Which is tricky cuz Dh gets home around 830 so I've usually waited for him to come home to have dinner together.

    My favourite meal is scrambled eggs or any eggs really with toast and pb
  • shellmhshellmh
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    Intro: I'm a FTM and my DS was born March 5th. I gained around 40 lbs (my last weigh in at the doctor's was almost 2 weeks before he was born). In the first week I lost 20 lbs, and since then I've lost about another 10. I want to lose about 30-40 more. I've never been overweight or out of shape in my entire life so I am very unhappy with my body lately.

    Fitness: Not well. I have a very clingy, cuddly baby, so I still have yet to break out the post-natal yoga DVD my sister bought me, or do any other kind of workout video. I am able to take him on walks around our neighborhood about 2-3 times a week (it's a 2 mile round trip walk). I do baby wearing whenever we are out of the house, so hopefully that is helping me to gain some muscles as well. 

    Food:  I'm EBF, so I actually need to up my daily calories, but I'm finding that I'm just not that hungry, so I'm only eating when hungry. I try to eat relatively healthy, but sometimes it's easier to just grab something quick instead of taking the time to cut up veggies or something. I do incorporate fruit and/or veggies into every meal though, and don't snack during the day (except some frozen yogurt some nights while watching TV with DH).

  • dalziendalzien member

    I would love to join in here.

    Intro: Alexandra was born on 13/03/13 at 11:56pm at 38 weeks, and with a weight on 8lbs 11.6oz. I suffered a fourth degree tear when I delivered her vaginally, and we were hospital bound for 6 days as she suffered from hypoglycemia and was severely jaundiced. Before our pregnancy I suffered from a broken ankle and a damaged shoulder from a fall while hiking and as a result I put on 40lbs. Then we got pregnant and I put on an additional 40lbs, no GD though. I am a FTM and Alexandra is EBF. I have been lucky enough to have lost all of the weight that I have gained from my pregnancy and am now sitting at 203lbs (I am 5'8"). I am now going to be working on losing the pre-pregnancy weight that I gained.

    Fitness: All I have been doing for fitness is going for a walk almost daily with our LO in her stroller, as well as carrying her around while I do house work and the like. She is just over 12lbs so that in itself can be a workout. I have just started looking at home exercise videos, and have started cleaning out our pool. I plan on swimming daily after the May 2-4 weekend as that is when the weather gets really good.

    Food: On again off again healthy food. I am slowly switching over our  to organic. Some things I find taste better, some things I cannot discern a difference. We have cut back on our take-out drastically, but I find that during the day I do not have time to eat properly, and tend to eat more at night when DH gets home. Alexandra is having an awful time sleeping at night, so I spend most of the night up with her.

    GTKY: We make a "Jambalaya". We used to make it spicy, but with BF we've toned it down. It consists of a can or two of Italian Spiced crushed tomatoes, sliced bell peppers (we use all colours), sliced onions, mushrooms, and for meat we use Italian Sausage, or chicken, or shrimp. Cook the meat and set aside. In a big pot heat some oil with a small spoonful of butter and put in the onions, and peppers (this is the time to add some minced garlic if you like garlic... we do).  Sautee until soft. Add the canned tomatoes (drained) and bring to a simmer to get rid of some of the extra liquid. Add the cooked meat. Serve over rice or pasta... although we don't.

  • Intro: Emmalyn Cate was born in her due date 3/18/13. I'm a FTN. We weren't really TTC. I was hoping to lose some weight before getting pregnant. I actually lost 15 pounds in my first tri due to horrible ms. So technically I only gained 6 pounds above my prepregnancy weight. I was back down to my lowest weight during morning sickness a week pp. however I have about 50 extra pounds I needed to lose before pregnancy.
    Fitness: so far between work and the baby I haven't found time for fitness. I do have a physical job though so I'm at least active most of the day.
    Food: I'm trying to watch what I eat but since I'm breastfeeding I don't want to limit myself too much. I make sure I eat small healthy snacks while at work so I don't over do it at meal times.
    GTKY: Share your favorite healthy recipe! I got the comfort food diet book a few years back and love it! The recipe that has become my easy healthy go to is the lime chicken tacos.
    1 1/2 pounds chicken
    3 T lime juice
    1 T chili powder
    Put that all in a crockpot for 6 hours on low. Shred chicken then add 1 cup each corn and salsa. Cook for another 30 min. They are amazingly juicy and flavorful! I usually double the recipe and make chicken tortilla soup with the leftovers.
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  • Intro: I'm a STM, DD was born 3/25. I gained 19 lbs during my pregnancy, and I was back to PP weight 2 days after having her but have slowly gained pounds back over the last 7 weeks (same thing happened with DS). I'm the opposite of everyone who told me how the weight just "fell off" while breast feeding lol

    Fitness: I've been going to zumba classes on the weekends but need to kick it in gear during the week.  We go on walks, but they're more like strolls.

    Food: I'm eating everything in sight. 

    GTKY: (Caprese Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Reduction)

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