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NBR: Crap...updated

I'm just about to head to my MW appt over an hour from town and my husband just called in tears. He is heading to the ER with symptoms of appendicitis. his brother is an EMT/ firefighter and hooked him up to a machine which revealed an infection in the appendix area but they think it may have already burst. I'm headed to the hospital now and I'm really scared Tyler never gets sick.

Update: Waiting for the ct scan but dr says most likely appendicitis, not sure if burst. On the bright side, my husband is freaking hilarious even while in pain. He is now tripping on pain meds and says his pain on the scale of 1 to 10 is potato.

This day really sucks but I'm trying to stay calm and not think of how bad this is for us. He gets no paid leave or medical from work...I need a paper bag.

Thanks for the well wishes.
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