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If you DO use MF inserts

how long have they lasted? 

The woman that runs a baby shop in town always says MF is finicky and lasts "6-12 months" in her experience before it needs replacing. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with 2 year old inserts that still work. They look like hell, and with a toddler I always double up with a natural fiber, but they're still functional. I think she's just trying to upsell. 

Re: If you DO use MF inserts

  • Well over 18 months here with MF. I don't even think they look like hell.
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    LO is only 7 months, and we've been using ours for 6 months.  My SoftBums and RaRs still look brand new.  My BG are starting to look a little bit used, but still fully functional. 

    I have MF towels and washcloths that I've been using to clean with since 2005. 

    I agree, she's definitely trying to upsell.  Why not just tell the truth and use the angle that as baby grows you'll likely need some natural fiber to handle the increasing pee?

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  • Been using ours for 15 months (used prefolds for first 3 months). The certainly don't look new, but I don't notice any difference in absorbency.
  • Been usin them for almost 3 years, they're fine.
  • Ours are two years give or take but I do have one that is from a friend (green acre designs so it's kinda a funky loop) that graced the butt of her little girl for 2 years before my DD used it for another 2 and it's just fine thanks very much.  I've only doubled ON.  I will say that now that our BG's are fully unsnapped they feel thin but they still work.


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  • Mine are all 18 months to 22 months and still going fine. I don't double absorbencey except for at night. They also look ok, not too ratty but we have had stink issues that are challenging.

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