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Due date getting closer...

I'm now 39 weeks pregnant, but getting nervous as the due date approaches. Of course, I'm worried about labor pain and how I'll cope...

I've been listening to hypnobaby and hypnobirthing MP3s for about three months now and have also downloaded some relaxing nature sounds with music. Haven't really had official training with the hypnosis thing, but I'm hoping that all of the yoga I've done over the years will help me relax and meditate with the soundtracks to help reduce pain. Plus, my hubby can rub my back/feet or help me try a variety of positions.

However, my biggest concern is that so far nothing seems to be going on in there. I have an appointment this afternoon, but I haven't even had single Braxton-Hicks contraction or lost my plug. I really don't want to be induced because of the pitocin causing more pain and because it makes it more likely that I'll end up with a C-section. I know I still have time (I think they talk inductionat at 42 weeks), but I really wish something would happen.

Anyone else in the same boat or have any advice?


Re: Due date getting closer...

  • I wouldn't stress it at all.  At my 39w appt, nothing was going on and my OB predicted that I was going to go late.  That was on Monday.  On Wednesday, I started getting back pain and my baby was here on Friday at 39w 5d.

    You haven't even hit 40 weeks yet so just relax and and enjoy these last couple of days!  Everyone's labor progresses differently.  Some walk around 2cm for weeks and other go from 0-10 in 8 hours.

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  • I did not lose my plug and only had intermittent BH contractions (like  a couple every few days).  I ended up going into labor at 39 weeks 4 days. BH contractions can vary from woman to woman so you may be having them and not feeling much/anything, whereas other woman may really notice them.  Honestly, I do not think the amount of BH you are having will predict when you go into labor.  You body will know when it is time! GL!
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  • I remember going to my 39 week appointment with these ridiculous feelings like I had to get my baby out. I went into labor the next day and had him the day after that. I had zero signs of labor other than this crazy feeling I couldn't shake. I think I had a few BH contractions but definitely didn't lose my plug until labor began. Everyone told me I would be overdue so I just expected that.

    Think of it this way, you have 3 weeks for your body to begin doing something. That is plenty of time!

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  • Try not to worry. With my first I didn't have any signs of labor until the easy it started. I had a couple contractions during the day then that evening my water broke and things got rolling.

    Second time I have contractions of all sorts for a month but nothing mattered until it mattered. It will happen when it happens and you'll be ready because your body has given into it.

    Try to relax and accept that you can't control it, you can only prepare your mind and then do what you can to not stand in the way of your body doing what it needs to.

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  • abell77abell77
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    I just wanted to say that I never felt any braxton hicks with my first pregnancy.  Also, I've never been aware of losing a mucus plug with either of my pregancies.  Both of my kids were born before their due dates!  So try not to stress.  Good Luck!
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  • Thanks for sharing, ladies. It seems weird not to be having any "signs," but I guess it all boils down to everyone's body being different. I wanted to come back and share my experience and news from the doctor's visit today: Signs point that baby is on her way: 2 cm dialated, 50% effaced, -1 position. When? The midwife thinks it will be before the 42 week mark... so it looks promising that I won't need to be induced!!! Yay!!:-) Since today is my due date, I was surprised that as soon as the midwife walked into my room, she brought up the subject of an induction. I asked her if we could hold off at least until I was 42 weeks and if we could try natural methods of induction first (such as Foley catheter, sweeping of membranes, or breaking the water). She was very agreeable, but I was just surprised that I had to come right out and ask her to backstep. She'll be doing an ultrasound and nonstress test next week just to make sure everything is looking healthy, but since baby has made some progress, she really felt that I wouldn't even make it to the 42 week mark.*keeps her fingers crossed* Maybe the Baby Come Out hypnosis actually helped.*LOL* Shannon
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