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crying/tantrums- what's going on?!

last week LO was sick (from about May 4th through the 8th) he had fever and snotty nose.  During that time he started to cry a lot more.  Sometimes he just fine but then out of nowhere he will start crying and be inconsolable.  He's generally not a crier, just when he's getting tired or when i try to change a diaper.  Well, the cold went away, but the crying is till here.  When he's crying, nothing seems to help except me carrying him around on my hip, or going outside for distraction.  I feel like I'm back to the newborn stage, this is crazy.  If he's in a mood, he'll refuse food and bottles even if I know he's hungry.  If I can settle him down, he'll drink a whole bottle or eat just fine.  If I try to put him down on the floor when he's in one of these moods, he arches his back and rolls around on the floor or rolls around on me if I'm sitting with him.  What the heck is going on??  Is he having temper tantrums?  Is anyone dealing with this??

I'm thinking about bringing him into the doctor just to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection or something, but he's been sleeping just fine, doesn' tug his ears, and if i tap his ears they don't seem to hurt or anything... not sure what's up

Re: crying/tantrums- what's going on?!

  • I was going to suggest an ear infection. My daugther is currently on her fifth one and always gets them right after a cold!!! She can be playing and just suddenly start crying non stop. This past time she did this we took her to the pedi and yes, another ear infection!
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    My dd does have temper tantrums where she throws herself on the ground and cries, but they are always triggered by something like I don't let her open a drawer she wants to open. Are your sons out rusts triggered by a frustration, or are they just randomly happening?
  • i could have written this exact post last month... my LO had an ear infection and a fever. i felt so bad for him that i carried him around everywhere and pretty much gave into every cry. 

    he is a very happy baby so i was overwhelmed when he was all better and started to do the same thing your LO is doing. every time i put him down he would have a huge melt down. i realized he was use to me carrying him and giving into every whine when he was sick that he thought it would continue when he was better. it only took me ignoring one "tantrum" that he went back to his old self again. not sure if this is the case for you and your LO, but it was definitely ours.  :) 

  • Yep, DS is starting to do this too. He will push on me like he wants to be put down and as soon as I do he starts crying. He just recently started "throwing" himself on the floor and crying. He also does this if I tell him no/take something the I don't want him to have away...

    I am not ready for toddlerhood! 

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