One more Mastitis question

Here is the timeline of what happened.

Monday- sore breast, thought it was a clogged duct, I felt fine

Tuesday- Morning - Breast waaaaayyy more sore, felt fine

Early Afternoon- Breast killing me, felt like I had the flu, headache, chills, nausea, 101 fever (took tylenol)

Bedtime - started to feel better, fever down to 98-99(took tylenol)

Today- Headache, breast still sore but not as bad, no more "flu" symptoms, no fever


My question: This morning DH picked up an antibiotic my gyno called in for me. Do you think I need to take it? Im nervous about taking it bc of thrush or it hurting my supply, but if its the only way to get rid of the mastitis, I will. Its something like dixocillian 4x a day. Thank you ladies for your thoughts! :)

Me 33, DH 33, Charlotte 5, Ethan 3
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Re: One more Mastitis question

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