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So my nesting urge just hit full force! It's 11:30pm here and I just made dh help me rearrange our whole room since lo will be in here with us for a while and the room is pretty small. Poor guy just got back from running 10 miles and helped me move all the furniture anyway, what a sweetheart! No idea why this all had to get done tonight b4 bed but I'm glad it's done! Just need a few more things and we are set! Anyway, no point to this post other than to share how crazy I am for doing this when I should be asleep!


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    I think my nesting has gone into overdrive too. Last night I did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge and deep cleaned it, cleaned microwave, wrote out thank you notes, put away gifts, cleaned my bedroom, washed the outside of my car and then vacuumed and wiped down the inside. It was like I couldn't stop until 11PM and then I was hurting. I work during the day so I managed to do all that after 6PM.

     It is a good feeling to get stuff done though! Glad you got your room rearranged. 

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    Nesting hit me a few weeks ago and I cleaned house!  I redid out linen closet and by redid, I mean I pulled out a Pinterest post on it and it's so organized and amazing.

     The weekend after that, I organized our utility closet (same way; using Pinterest) and it's amazing as well, although my husband is annoyed that nothing is at the tip of his fingers anymore (everything is in bins and storage containers).

    I also redid both of our bedroom closets, and the babies room is ready to go, and the office too.. Everything is AWESOME!  I love being so organized.  Now if only I could find the time to clean the carpets and the kitchen floors. 

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  • I have so many house projects on my To Do list it's insane!  Poor DH, every time I add another one to the list, he gets stressed out.  Sure, I don't HAVE to clean out and re-organize both bathrooms upstairs, but feel like I need to.  Some with the kitchen cabinets, our storage area in the basement, and the office, lol.
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  • I'm in major cleaning mode.  I was still up at 11:30 last night, organizing the kitchen and our bulk food supplies to get stored in the basement.  Buuuutt....the nursery is still a mess.  LOL.
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