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Quickest way to increase milk supply?? Help! :(

So my mother's day present was mastitis. Doc called me in a prescription for antibiotics early Sunday morning, unfortunately, those antibiotics didn't work and I continued to get worse. The infection spread to my other boob which ended up getting a lot worse than the original side. Doc sent me to triage at the hospital last night and they switched my meds. Anyway, getting to the point... I had a high fever and got pretty dehydrated. As a result, my milk supply has suffered big time. I really want to be able to continue breastfeeding, but we had to dig deep into my stash of frozen milk through this ordeal because baby hasdnt been getting enough from just me over the past couple days. I go back to work next week and need the quickest fix possible to get my supply to go waayy up. I've been pumping every 2 hours for at least 20 mins each time and baby is still nursing too, so hopefully the frequency of all of that will help somewhat. I've seen posts about lactation cookies, fenugreek, mothers milk tea, etc. What is the quickest way to increase my supply?

Re: Quickest way to increase milk supply?? Help! :(

  • Oh man! That us horrible! It sounds like you are already doing what you can. I drink the mothers milk tea everyday. I don't know if it helps but I like the taste so it can't hurt. I think just getting lots of fluids, resting and proper nutrition in addition to what you're already doing is the quickest way to recover!
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    --sleep, --eat really well, extra 600 calories a day, lots of good quality protein --gatorade, or chicken soup to help stabilize your electrolytes --at least 25 oz of water a day more than you need for just your own self, as that's about how much milk baby takes in at the breast in a day. --How much are you able to pump? how old is baby? --some of the drop may be due to supply regulating, so try not to cmpletely panic. --get mother's milk tea, fenugreek, blessed thistle or a nursing mother's tincture. --eat oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, oat bread, oatmeal creme pies, etc. -- you can google lactation cookies. -- it is partly the oatmeal and other ingredients, and it's partly the boost in calorie intake.


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  • I'm only getting about one ounce from each breast every 2 hours..half of what I was getting before. My baby will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I have really been trying to increase my water intake today so hopefully that will help some. Tomorrow I'm going to get to the vitamin store and pick up some of those supplements..wanted to go today but leaving the house just hasn't happened for me yet today. DH came home wanting a baby worry-free nap..think I might go the same route once he wakes up. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! 


  • For me, the only thing to ever really work was Dom Peridone. Ask your Dr about it.
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  • First make  sure to get well before you start using herbs. Breastea is a really good herbal tea to drink daily to increase your milk production. At least it has been for me. I've went from pumping 1/2 ounce to the range of 4 to 5 ounces while using it daily. You can get it online. Make sure to keep pumping very, very often.
  • I started the lacation supplement capsules by brand name "gaia" and from my normal pumpin sessions I have increased by approx 3ozafter only taking it 2 days


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