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Baby drop and BH question

When does baby typically drop and what does it feel like?  Will you know?

Also what exactly are BH like, i have no idea if I have had them.  My stomach gets hard sometimes but thats all.

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Re: Baby drop and BH question

  • If your whole ute gets hard it's probably a BH.  Just one part is probably movement.  I have had BH that I only know because of the hardness, some that are mildly uncomfortable, and some that are even a bit painful.

    I know that when i started to drop a bit, I got some more round ligament pain, and I can definitely feel a whole lot more pressure and lightening crotch.  You belly will also look visibly lower.

    The baby can drop weeks before labor, or I've read even over a month.  My midwife told me after it first started that she was likely to go up and down several times.  I think some moms don't 'drop' until the baby is starting to descend during labor.

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    DD1 never dropped and I never had a single BH with her.

    This time, I've been having BH for a while. Just feels like an uncomfortable tightening.

    You won't "feel" the baby drop. You may feel like baby is lower at some point; have more pressure in your crotch, etc. But it's not a momentous thing that happens suddenly enough to feel. It's usually quite gradual if it happens at all before labor; for many women, baby doesn't drop down until she's in active labor.
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  • I can tell the baby has started dropping due to more pressure in my pelvic area. I actually cant walk normal! My belly also looks a little lower. 
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  • The dropping thing is likely a "different for everyone" scenario. I didn't notice it happen, but I realized I had dropped when I stopped getting acid reflux at night, and my daytime heartburn was considerably less intense. I look like I'm carrying just a tad lower, but I don't have a lot of pelvic pressure. I do get more consistent "lightning crotch" though. That's pleasant.

    As for BH, I've been feeling them since 17 weeks, so we're old friends. It just feels like your whole uterus is tight and hard. They're starting to take my breath away now that I'm bigger.

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  • My doctor told me at my 35 week appt that she had dropped, but I had been carrying low the whole pregnancy and I really didn't notice any difference. I'm tall and have a long torso, so I'm not walking funny or waddling or anything, and never noticed any type of "drop" specifically. I also couldn't tell when she turned head down though, so maybe I'm just oblivious :)
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  • Sounds like you have had some BH as your stomach will get really hard. Baby dropping will feel like more pressure in your hips/pelvis.
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