DD has been congested since coming home from the hospital. It wasn't bad and dr thought it was just because her nasel passage was small. Well in the last week it has gotten worse. Was thinking a cold but now wondering if it's something that I'm eating. I just bf and lacation specialist at dr office says no. Anyone else deal with this?  Going to stopping dairy for 2 weeks and see if it improves but i hate waiting that long!!
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Re: Congestion

  • My DD sounds a little stuffy in her nose too. I don't think it's a cold. I'm interested to see what they tell you.

    Edit apparently my reading comprehension skills are compromised from lack of sleep! Anyway, I hope cutting out dairy works for you!
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  • My LO got very stuffy too. I waited a few days and it never went away, so I took him into the pedis office. Turns out it was reflux. The milk would come back up and fill his nasal passages and make him stuffy.

    We kept him upright and got one of those rock and play sleepers. He was also put on medication and that seemed to help as well.

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    How did they find out it was going into his nasal passages??  I have said since the first week it was reflux.  2 month appt next week so I'll see what dr says but cut out dairy in the meantime.  Thanks!
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