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start trying?

When did you decide to start trying for your second baby? Or was it unplanned?

Re: start trying?

  • We stopped preventing at 6 months.  I got my first PP period at 8 months and pregnant at 8.5 months.

    TTC#1 for 19 months with PCOS and MFI IUI#3 + injectables = BFP!!!!  Beta#1-134(13dpiui) Beta #2-392(15dpiui) 

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    TTC#2 - 
    Beta #1 -51@10dpo Beta#2 -1353 @16dpo
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    TTC # 3 June 2014 BFP 12-1-14
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  • Stopped birth control at 9.5 months and got pregnant at 10 months. 
  • Really trying at 6 mos got pregnant at 9. The second time we started trying at 8 mos and got pregnant at 10 mos.
        DS1 9.24.2010      DS2 4.18.2012        DS3 12.15.2013

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  • We never used birth control between number 1 and 2. I got pregnant a month after fully weaning, when DS was 7 months old.

    We used birth control after number 2 and got pregnant within 3 months of going off bcp, when DD was 10 months old.

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  • We had been talking about number 2 for a fw months and then we didn't think it would happen for a while but then we were pregnant the weekend of our anniversary. So she was planned but unexpected but we are happy because they are two years apart almost exactly.
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  • We started trying when my DD was 9 months old. We got pregnant the next month, so they will be about 18 months apart :) Good luck.
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  • aandgaandg
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    We stopped preventing when DS was 9.5 months old. I got pregnant with our daughter that month, so BFP when DS was about 10.5 months old. We were shocked but happy!
    BFP #1 6/21/08 natural m/c 7/4/08 BFP #2 10/3/08 blighted ovum discovered 11/5/08 D&C 11/13/08 dx with hetero MTHFR 1/7/09 BFP #3 7/1/09 DS born 3/7/10 BFP #4 1/27/10 DD born 9/4/11 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Started ttc #2 at around 10 months post partum, and got a bfp at almost 14 months pp.  My first two are 22 months apart.
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  • Stopped nursing when DD was 6 months and got pregnant when she was 7 months.

    It wasn't unplanned, just unexpected.  DD was in IVF baby.

    Married 6/28/03

    Kate ~ 7/3/09 *** Connor ~ 11/11/10

    4 miscarriages: 2007, 2009, 2013, 2014


    No more TTC for us. We are done, and at peace, as a family of 4.

    "Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.” — Charles Dickens


  • LMCB12LMCB12
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    We never prevented. I got my period back 4 months pp and got my BFP when DS was 10.5 months. I used OPKs after my period returned.
  • I stopped BC at 5mo pp and got pregnant when DS was 7mo. The 16mo age difference is working well hopefully we can be that lucky with our third. Good luck!
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  • My ds2 was a happy surprise. Nursing and no period. I didn't realize it until I was 12 weeks along.
  • We never prevented. Despite exclusively breastfeeding, I got my first pp period when DD was 3.5 months old. We got pregnant the next cycle, so DD and DS will be 13.5 months apart.

  • DD1 and DS are 27 months apart. We were not exactly trying but we certainly not taking precautions. I stopped breastfeeding in October and I was pregnant in November.

    DD1 and DD2 are 19 months apart: I was told that I would never have another baby after DD1 due to thyroid cancer. I was breastfeeding, never got my period, hypothyroid, training for a marathon, and had unprotected sex ONCE when I got pregnant with DD2.

    My daughters were never "planned" but they were certainly meant to be. 

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  • We stopped preventing at 11 months - got pregnant two weeks after dd turned one.  We weren't expecting it to happen on our own since we went through fertility treatments to conceive the first time.  We were thinking it would take 6 months to a year.  Nope!  So we wanted another child, just weren't expecting it this soon.
    TTC since June/09.
    1st cycle diagnosed with slight hypothyroidism. Clomid, dexamethasone, HCG trigger shot. BFN
    2nd cycle, Clomid, dexamethasone, HCG trigger shot. BFN
    3rd cycle, Clomid, dexamethasone, ovulated with out tigger. BFN
    4th cycle, Clomid, dexamethasone, HCG trigger shot. BFP!!!
    EDD 12/31/2011 ----- actual birthday 01/05/2012

    Surprise BFP! - EDD 10/14/2013

    Our little boy is on the way!

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  • We have been trying for a few months now. I was never on BCP because 1, I don't believe in it, and 2, we knew we wanted our babies pretty close in age.

    I have noticed (at least in my circle of friends/acquaintances) that if you go off BCP, you get pregnant faster (like your first try). I'm pretty jealous of those who got pregnant their first try; kind of thought it would happen for us, but nope. Sorry to be a whiner...  

    BFP: February 12 2012
    Joseph Scott born October 8
    7lb 12oz 20.5"
    TTC #2 Since February 2013

  • NNGnomeNNGnome
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    I never went back on birth control, we where just using protection when I was fertile (tracking on Fertility friend), and planning on starting properly when DS#1 was 18 months (Periods came back at 7 months), but we took a chance at Chirstmas (DS#1 was 13 months) and here we are, I never thought I would get pregnant so quickly as it took 6 months the first time, but I always wanted kids close together so it worked out great Smile

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    Diagnosed with Anti little c antibodies. DS1 7.11.11 - Anaemia and Jaundice. 10 days in the NICU, 1 exchange transfusion and 4 blood transfusions. DS2 29.8.13 - Anaemia 7 days in the NICU and 1 exchange transfusion. Both are now happy and healthy. 

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