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vent: MIL

have you ever just sat back and wanted to scream because your MIL is driving you CRAZY???

long story short my MIL is leaving her husband over speculation and has no proof of anything. and i mean anything... and feels the need to involve all her kids, myself and her sisters in the mix. well mothers day was a huge 5 hour fight between her and DH. which totally ruined my day and then this morning after DH goes to work she is banging on my front door screaming & crying. and thats not the first time that has happened...needless to say..... i didnt answer the door. i just couldnt deal with it today. this issue has been going on for 18 months now

how do i tell DH that i just cannot deal with this anymore??? i know he agrees with me. just like a week of normal life would be great!!

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Re: vent: MIL

  • 82Sonia82Sonia
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    I would have hid inside too. When I was a kid I thought all adults acted like, well, adults. Can you move far, far away from her?


  • Standing ovation! Good for you for not opening the door. What a nutter!
  • Whoa. You totally did the right thing not opening the door. That sounds like a crazy situation. Can DH talk to her and put his foot down about her not just showing up at your house? That's just not appropriate. I'm sorry you're having to deal with the crazy!!!
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  • 2u2wow2u2wow
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    good lord! so not your problem to deal with and good on ya for not answering the door!! 

    i'd just tell DH that you don't want to see her or be around her drama and especially don't want your LO's around her!!  

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  • Good job not opening the door. 

    What in the world made her think that it was okay to come throw this on her daughter-in-law? Bat-sh!t crazy. Sorry.  


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  • Wow! I don't know what is wrong with MIL and why they feel the need to drag down their daughter in laws with them but that's crazy. I would have his inside too, probably scared if she was doing what you said. Hopefully you don't get dragged into this anymore. You don't need to be!
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  • Nice! Lady needs a hobby. Tell your hubs to talk to her.


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  • b0710b0710
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    Wow! Sorry she keeps trying to involve you! Sounds like not answering the door was your best move. Hopefully she can get her own life together and leave yours alone!
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  • holly52holly52
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    crazy lady!! I would've definitely hid inside my house too.  I refuse to be involved in my IL's drama anymore it's just never ending.  And, most if it is caused by one of SIL's.  You just need to have your H tell her she can't put all of that on you and you don't want to deal with it.  Let him deal with her.
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  • It sounds like perhaps she's been just looking for an excuse to divorce her husband and is perhaps using her sisters and her kids as a way for her to feel validated in her decision. That being said, it's way out of line for her to bring it to your doorstep, especially in such a dramatic and childish fasion. I'm so sorry this had to go down on what I assume is your first Mother's Day. I feel for you! Good choice in not opening the door- you need to protect yours and your baby's best interests, since she is obviously not interested in doing so.
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