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Breech Baby at 36 weeks

So we are confirming tomorrow with an ultrasound but we are almost certain our baby boy is still in breech position.

 Doctor mentioned performing an ECV. I have, of course, read almost every article, discussion board, etc there is out there.

 Was just curious if anyone on here had the ECV successfully performed? Would you do it even though the chance of turning baby is only 58%?


Any advice would be appreciated!


Thanks ladies!!



EDD: June 13, 2013

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Re: Breech Baby at 36 weeks

  • At 36 weeks, IMHO, its way too early to worry about the baby flipping. Baby can flip all the way up to 40 weeks. I'd wait on the ECV only because you still have time to have baby flip back over. Then you'd have to do it again. If them time to do it themselves. 

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  • I have a girlfriend who had one done successfully at 37 weeks. She didn't go into labor until her water broke at 41 weeks. 

    I would personally try everything out there before opting for a c/s.  

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  • I wouldn't do a version that early. Look at spinningbabies.com also possibly see a chiropractor. Sometimes the pelvis is not aligned properly and that can prevent baby from turning. My LO was transverse at 34 weeks, at my appt at 35 weeks she had turned - pretty sure she is posterior now but that is better than breech. I had been doing spinning babies techniques for a couple of weeks. It could have been coincidence but there are only a few techniques that may be contraindicated if your baby is no longer breech so I figure they couldn't hurt. 


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  • cjm724cjm724
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    I would probably do it, but I would wait until I was further along.
  • Look into a chiropractor that specializes in the Webster technique. 

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  • I agree with pp's that it's too early to be considering an ECV already. You've still got 4-6 weeks for baby to move. Check out spinningbabies.com! Also, I've heard a lot of success stories from chiropractors and acupuncturists. 

    If it does come down to it, though, I would try everything, even an ECV, before just scheduling a c-section. Because what happens if the ECV fails? You end up in a c-section anyway.
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  • You still have time for baby to flip. DD was transverse at 36 weeks, and the OB couldn't do a version because I had an anterior placenta. She said that baby had plenty of time to flip, and she had even seen a baby flip from the head-down position to breech while the mom was in labor! I wouldn't worry too much yet.
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  • image QueSyrah:
    Look into a chiropractor that specializes in the Webster technique.nbsp;

    This. versions are pretty tramautic to a baby.
  • I don't have experience with this, but i've heard many things you can try to flip a baby:

    1. spinningbabies.com


    3. music (put the music up against your pubic bone, baby will be interested in it, and move to where the sound is)

    4. put ice packs on your upper stomach, babies like warmth and thus flip.


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  • Thank you everyone!! I thought it was a little early to make this call too! I'm going to hold out as long as I can! I appreciate all of your feedback!
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  • I had a successful ECV with my first at 37 weeks and my son stayed head down for the next 4 weeks when I went into labor at 41 weeks. Most doctors will not perform them too far past 37 weeks because the bigger the baby is the harder it is to turn. My dr, who has a pretty high success rate of turning babies, will only perform them right at 37 weeks. So if you are considering having an ECV, you really don't have much time to make the decision. In the meantime, I would try the other methods mentioned. 

    Personally, I would have an ECV again if I needed too. I think it's worth trying to avoid a c/s. Hope your baby flips on his own!

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  • Like pp said, most doctors won't do versions past about 37 weeks because there just isn't room to do it. Babies sometimes turn on their own, but that's not quite the same as trying to force a turn.

    I'd try chiro and spinning babies, then do the ECV if offered at 37 weeks. It might be "traumatic" for the baby... but cutting open my uterus sounds pretty traumatic for me. It's a balance of risks. 

  • I read a bunch of replies & don't think those commenting have been in the situation because most providers will NOT attempt a version after 37 weeks, so if you are going to do it, you will need to soon.  I attempted on with my first, and it failed, but I am glad I tried because having to have a c-section (and for me subsequent) is not my favorite thing (however, now that if you end up with a c-section, a planned one is easier to recover from, IME).  You could try the other methods in the next week and then go ahead with the version if they failed.  GL!






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  • image mrsannie:

    Most doctors will not perform them too far past 37 weeks because the bigger the baby is the harder it is to turn.

    This is what I was told, too. My baby was breech so we scheduled an ECV for 37W3D. My OB prefers to do them in week 37 because there's more room to move things around.

    FWIW, in between scheduling the appointment at 36 weeks and the actual day of the version, I did all of the spinning babies moves, did the ice pack trick, spent a lot of time hanging upside down, had massage therapy, and even tried moxibustion. The u/s the day before the version showed that she was still breech, but she ended up flipping that night, which we discovered when they got out the u/s machine to do the ECV.

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  • I just want to concur with the people posting who seem to actually have had experience with this. At 36w, the statistical likelihood of your baby turning on his/her own is very low. If I were you, I would do all the natural non-invasive methods to encourage turning and if they didn't work, consult with your doctor about the likelihood of ECV success for your particular case. I don't know where you got the 58% number, but there are many variables that affect the success rate including the doctor that performs it. It ranges from 50ish-80ish%. My baby was breech and I just had a successful ECV. And it is not "very traumatic to the baby" as a poster stated. That person if misinformed and not an OB. Also, for what it's worth, I tried every single natural method (including twice weekly chiropractic visits for the past six weeks) to turn her first, but had no luck.

    So, to answer your question, yes. I'd have an ECV (again).

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  • A Chinese acupuncturist flipped my friends' baby. It's worth a shot. 
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