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Anyone else already have wolf nose?

I remember this from before, getting accosted with smells, constantly! I smell the weirdest things and its so strong. Whether its food or something gross, I feel like I'm constantly getting a whiff of something.



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Re: Anyone else already have wolf nose?

  • I have a crazy nose anyways, pregnant or not, so I can smell EVERYTHING. But today I was walking to class and I smelt gas outside of the building and I never have before. So who knows!
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    Yes! I was telling DH yesterday how bad our kitchen smelled and he had no idea what I was talking about.
  • Oh my goodness yes! My daughter always gets cheese curds when we go to our local dairy and I can never smell it, but yesterday the whole way home that's all I could smell, and her yogurt today oh my geez. 
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  • Yep!  My mom calls me a "super smeller" normally so pregnant is ten times worse and dealing with middle school kids all day, the smells are terrible!
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    Me!! That was one of my first symptoms. My husband calls it my super sonic sniffer, haha. 

  • DishyloDishylo
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    I've also got a pretty crazy sensitive nose anyways.....I can always smell things the nobody else can (and no, it's not because I'm mad lol).

    So yes, it's getting worse.....yay me.  

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  • AnnieBNAnnieBN
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    Yes, it's annoying. So many things smell bad now a days :(
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  • Yep! I already had a sensitive nose, but now it is crazy. It drives DH nuts!


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  • I was eating a Babybell cheese at work today and it was POTENT! Not bad smelling, just strong.
  • OMG! Mine is so bad! Even with a stuffed up nose from Allergies I can smell everything.
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  • ashdayashday
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    Oh my gosh YES! It is making my nose hurt when the smells are offensive too. Making my 13 yo BIL feel a little alienated I think because of his BO... :/

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  • Haha totally have this - am especially bothered by perfume and cigarettes on passerbys, but in general it's definitely amped up a lot. DH doesn't know what I'm talking about with half the things I smell
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  • Not yet, but if my past 3 pregnancy's are to go by it is only a few weeks away.  It makes MS 10 times worse too.  My only solution is a  little vic's vapor rub under the nose to mask other smells.

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