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For those with a City Mini...

At what point did you switch your LO from the carseat with adaptor to the regular seat in the City Mini stroller?  I know it reclines for young babies but our LO was born small (4 lbs) so we definitely didn't feel like she should be in that part of the stroller yet.  If you have your baby in the regular stroller seat, at what age/weight did you transition?

Re: For those with a City Mini...

  • I had DS in it at 3 weeks old with the seat nearly fully reclined and he was securely strapped in.  At that point he was probably 9 lbs. or so.  He's now 9 weeks old and 13 lbs. and we've moved the seat up a bit so that it is not inclined as much.
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    I've just ordered a City Mini but I plan to use it reclined when I get it.  DD will probably be 7 weeks and 11ish pounds at that point.  I'll likely only use the stroller for longer outings at the moment (zoo, etc) and keep using the snap n go for shorter errands. 
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  • She's 7 weeks and I still have her in the carseat carrier with the adapter.  She loves to look at me and I usually chat it up with her on walks, so it works for us for now.  Once she can be propped up well and not reclined all the way, I'll put her in it without the carseat.  I think DS was in the regular stroller at 3 months.

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    We started putting DD1 in it from the fist week. Sh was pen a 6 lbs 4 ozs.
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  • We LOVE our City Mini! DS was born 7 lbs 4 oz and we had him in the City Mini within a week. It's what we use for all our walks around the neighborhood, at the park, etc. we have it reclined as far as it will go and we use this insert to hold his floppy little neck in place:

    it works great and he is comfy and secure.

    we also have a stroller frame (similar to a snap and go) that his infant seat snaps into... We use that for running errands.



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