What is this?

So Sunday afternoon my breasts started feeling sore/full. Sort of weird because it had only been 3 hours since I had pumped (EBF, but pumped on the way to the mall so DH could feed her) and LO goes 5-7 hours at night.

Later that day it still hurt and I was really achy.  Worried that it was mastitis (even though it isn't common at 8 weeks, right?) so I was sure to feed her every 2 hours, and every 3-4 overnight). The one breast that hurt more did not have a lump but the top sort of felt harder so I massaged as she ate and used warm compresses.

Woke up Monday, breast still sore (bruised feeling, especially when I take bra off) but no longer achy, just really tired. Same today, a little sore to the touch not achy. But there is an area on top of my breast that is maybe the slightest bit pink compared to the rest...

Should I just assume it was a plugged duct and I'm working through it? get checked for mastitis? something else?

Sorry for being so clueless! 

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Re: What is this?

  • 1) Going 5-7 hours at night doesn't mean you can go 5-7 hours in the day. Milk production is not the same at different times of day. It varies, with the lowest production at night (and higher fat milk).

    2) You can get mastitis at any point. Often before you get mastitis, you get a clogged duct. It can be deep in the breast, so you can't always find the lump. If you don't currently have a fever and flu-like symptoms, you're likely in the clear and should just continue frequent nursing and lots of rest.

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    That is exactly what I wanted to hear and was hoping :)  I'll cross my fingers while resting. Thanks so much!
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