Reason for C-Section


For FTM who had or are having a C-section, what was the doctor's reasoning?


Re: Reason for C-Section

  • 2u2wow2u2wow
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    i had an emerg c with my first as he wasn't descending and i wasn't dilating enough. then with DS2 i was advised it would be best just because of my body shape. i have very narrow hips and DS1's head was stuck and had to have forceps pull him out during the csection. 

    it was ultimately my choice to have the second c but the risks outweighed the benefits and i didn't feel the need to push vaginally so it was a no brainer for us! 

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  • He wasn't descending and I wasn't dilating. Two doses of Cytotec and 15 hours of Pitocin, and I was only 3cm. Found out during the c section he had his cord wrapped around multiple body parts multiple times, so he couldn't drop.

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  • LO's heart rate was dropping.  Only 3 cm dilated after laboring for 10 hours after water broke.  Dr would have let me still try if I was more dilated.

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  • Posterior, or sunny side up, and wrapped up in the cord. After pushing for 2.5 hours they did a c section. I did not want the vacuum, forceps, etc..
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  • I believe my OB coded it as "failure to progress." DS was sunny side up, my labor was irregular, and I never dilated past 5cm. He got stuck and his heart rate decelerated, so that I could only be on my side safely. So, at that point we called it.
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  • mnj05mnj05
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    DS got stuck. He was making progress every time I pushed but it got to be very little progress and I was too tired to continue.

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  • I'm a mom to a Rowan too! My doctor/midwife group felt that a C-section was wiser over allowing me to try and deliver vaginally via induction. I was 1 week past my due date and a growth scan estimated that my little one was around 10 lbs 10 oz. The doctors actually said they wouldn't allow me to attempt induction based on liability. They said that while the weight could vary slightly, she was measuring quite large and the risk of shoulder dystocia was too high. She ended up being 10 lbs 7oz and HUGE (not Diabetic either). I'm very glad we went with the section, and especially glad that I was well rested going into it. I don't know how some of you CS moms did it after laboring for hours and hours. I'm sure it made my recovery easier! good luck OP.
  • Failure to progress. I was fully dilated, but DS was sunny side up, and wouldn't descend. They tried the vacuum extractor, and he wouldn't budge.
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  • djhardjhar
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    Almost no progress after 31 hours of induction.  The induction was done at 35 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia.
  • EmR22EmR22
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    With my second I had a placental abruption with no contractions and when they tried to kick start labor nothing happened, so it was termed an emergency c-section. My third child I was going to try for a VBAC but she was breech and they could not turn her. They advised another c-section since my first vaginal delivery was touch and go they didn't think I would have a successful VBAC. Now my fourth with be a scheduled c-section because of my previous two. 
  • Fetal bradycardia. Wasn't in labour, happened to be in for an NST, lost baby's heart tones altogether at one point. Nuchal cord x2.


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  • MrsJ723MrsJ723
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    I have a preexisting heart condition so a c section was the safest way for me to deliver.
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  • salt78salt78
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    Failure to descend. Her giant head was stuck in my pelvis.
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  • aandgaandg
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    My first was a vaginal birth. I had complete placenta previa with my daughter.
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  • My first was a vaginal delivery which resulted in nerve damage. I was unable to walk for 3 months. I had a c/s to avoid a repeat of that complication.

  • 50 hours of labor and she just wasn't dropping. My water broke and they did not want to risk infection. They didn't give me any specific reason why she wouldn't drop.
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  • tig594tig594
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    My age (42) and the fact i am not having more kids, uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, hashimotos disease and risk of pre-e....which i got at the end.

  • I was stuck at 7.5 cm for 5 hours, and when they tried to get me past that and speed up my contractions with pitocin, baby's heart rate dropped.
  • MeynaraMeynara
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    With my first, the 'official' and final reason was because after being induced and in labor for close to fifteen hours, I'd somehow gotten a fever and that led to the assumption that I had an infection. Shortly before the fever, I was already being told to consider it because she'd already gotten to where there was no progress, wasn't dilating or anything past a point, but then the fever/infection cropped up, and, yeah, out she came.

  • I have rheumatoid arthritis and a csection is the safest way for me to deliver without further damaging my joints.
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  • DS was breech and never flipped. Scheduled a c/s but my water broke in the middle of the night so we went in, DS was still breech and went to the OR.
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  • tracy41tracy41
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    Almost two weeks overdue with no labor. Last ultrasound before induction showed him measuring large so they refused the induction. He ended being 10 lbs 14 oz so there you go.

    And as an aside I scheduled my 2nd CS for 39w3d and hoped he would come earlier. No go and 9 lbs 12 oz so that'll teach me.
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  • I had fibroids removed from my uterus in 2008 where they performed it by opening my abdomen in a similar way. I knew after that surgery that any deliveries would be done by CS. The CS was so much easier to recover from than the myomectomy.
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  • Arrest of descent, ruptured membranes for 12 hrs, fever. Her heart rate looked great the whole time. Turned out she was up very high, was asynclitic (crooked towards the side of her head instead of crown down) and had the cord around her neck twice. But she came out screaming and had APGAR's of 9 and 10. :)

    Jess & Adam, married 2009, precious Audrey born in 2011. BFP 1/6/13, 6-wk MMC discovered at 9 wks 2/11/13. D&C 2/18/13, second D&C 4/23/13 for retained placenta.
    BFP 8/24/13!! EDD 5/1/14, delivered healthy and sweet Zoey Leanne on 5/5/14 by repeat c-section.
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  • image rockyrollgirl:
    50 hours of labor and she just wasn't dropping. My water broke and they did not want to risk infection. They didn't give me any specific reason why she wouldn't drop.

    This almost exactly, except my (induced) labor was 48 hours.  With my second, he had a flat heart rate and was in distress so I had an emergency c-section.

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    Carson Henry, born 39w, 2d, via emergency c/s due to no fetal movement and fetal distress.  Seizures, IVH grade 2, brain injury, kidney and liver damage.  Complete blood clot in the artery in his right arm.  27 days in the NICU.  Now discharged from all specialists, excepts his kidney doctor, who will monitor him indefinitely.  My tough little cookie.

  • doeie04doeie04
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    I had high blood pressure and mild pre E. I tried having a vaginal birth, but after 22 hours of inducing and NO dilation, i had a section. My blood pressure was getting way too high and the meds they had me on were making me super sick. :[
    Chad and Fawn

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  • I have a cervical septum, so we scheduled the c/s. I knew before I ever got pregnant that I would need a c/s.

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    2/13/12 - We proudly welcomed our daughter, Hadley Teresa!
    Lots of Luck to all of 3T/IF

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