3rd beta is in!!! .....BFP mentioned

Long story: 

For those who read my last post, the RE's nurse would not order a third beta for me. I was so worried because my beta's didn't double (see sig) The RN even yelled at me on the phone :( For my first beta she told me that I didn't have beta results, just that they were high. Then when my second beta results came in she gave me numbers for beta 1 & 2. Which is great, but I would like to know why. I questioned her as to why I now had a # for beta 1, she snapped at me saying that "it is right here in black and white." Not a very good explanation. Then she said I could not have a third beta because it "was not requited." So, I called my OB and he ordered a third beta!!!

Short story: 

My third beta results are 1854!!! Such a relief! I asked my OB if he would do an u/s and he said that he will!!! YAY again. I get to have it done this Friday :) :) :)

Re: 3rd beta is in!!! .....BFP mentioned

  • Congratulations! Good luck on Friday!
    ~Cheryl and Frank~ 06/28/08
    TTC since Sept 2009, 2 uterine septum surgeries (Jan and March 2011), 1 chemical pregnancy (4/11), 1 ectopic pregnancy (8/11), and missed m/c at 11w5d (3/12)
    Failed IVF #1 (July 2012)
    FET #1 October/November 2012 BFP, m/c at 5 3/7
    February - operative hysteroscopy
    Late April/May FET #2

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  • So happy for you! 

    Persistance and all matters! 

    Good luck! 

    ************** Siggy Warning************

    Married August 2012 -- Me (40 yrs old) My husband (45 yrs. old) 

    RE referral from ObGYN in late Jan. 2013 -- Testing Confirms Unexplained IF 

    IUI #"s1 - 3 (Femara + IUI) April - June 2013 - all BFN

      Decided to do IVF... Began stimming on September 10th!  Egg Retrieval 9/20/13.  19 eggs: 6 to mature to freeze after 6 fertilized with ICSI

     3 morula stage embryos transferred on 9/25/13.....Beta #1 on 10/4/13/ = 7.5  Beta #2 on 10/6/13 =  negative

      IVF#2 - Lupron plan  (set to begin on 10/28/13)  (Planning on thawing and fertilizing our 6 eggs with ICSI as well as all of the mature eggs they retrieve with this fresh cycle.)

     Late October 2013 - ectopic pregnancy - methotrexate injection....benched 3 months

    CD1 - 12/5/13...Lupron set to start on 12/26/13; CD1 - 1/2/14....Baseline 1/3/14....begin follistim tonight and continue with lupron.  (Got my calendar today!  IVF#2 is a go!)

    ER = 1/14/14  (11 eggs....9 were mature. 9 fertilized.  Of the 6 mature eggs we thawed, only 4 fertilized.  At this time, we have 13 eggs fertilized and growing.  Waiting for news about a 3-day or 5-day transfer.)

    ET = 1/19/14  (5dt).....3 blastocysts transferred!   (All nine embryos didn't make it to freeze.  =(  )

    Beta #1 = 1/28/14   (2 weeks after ER)  BFP! 209 (9dp5dt)   EDD 10/7/14

    Beta #2 - 1/30/14  (11 dp5dt) 302

    Beta #3 - 2/3/14  (15 dp5dt)  1222 

    Ultrasound set for 2/17/14......TWINS!        Twin A - HR 124 bpm; Twin B - HR 126 bpm

    Final Ultrasound with RE 3/10/14 - Twin A - HR 176 bpm; Twin B - HR 177 bpm.

     PAIF/SAIF Welcome! 






  • Congratulations!!  Did you transfer one or two?
    On 10/23/13 Baby Sophie and Baby Gabriel born at 21+5 weeks. They grew wings and flew away from us. May God bless them always. We love you beans!
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    Phoebe Jaslene born at 19w3d. We love you beba! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

  • Thank goodness you have a nice OB, your RE sounds like a jerk! And congrats!!!









     Me(31). DH (31)

    DH SA normal count and motility, 1% morphology
    Me .72 AMH, Fragile X premutation carrier
    IVF #1 (6/12/13) BFN

    IVF #2 (8/16/13) BFN

    FET 10/4/13 Chemical

    IVF #3 MC 5 weeks 5 days

    IVF #4 DE 11/7

    All Welcome 





  • SayAXOSayAXO
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    I transferred 2, but I think my #'s are too low to have had them both attach. Ya think?
  • That's WONDERFUL news! Sorry about the nasty nurse at your RE's office but glad your OB pulled through!
    Happily Married since 2007! TTC #1 since 2/12! Me(29)-PCOS(Metformin) DH(30)-MFI, 10/12 SA=Azoo(Clomid started), 12/12 SA=0.1mil, 2/13 SA=2.1mil/Abnormal Morph. IVF #1 scheduled May/June 2013
  • rlk2rlk2
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    Soooo happy for you that u are finally able to have some piece of mind. Good luck on the US. Congrats.
    TTC 2 years- Me and DH (28) with (severely) low sperm count- less than 40 total (last 2 SA showed only 5 and 6 sperm each)
    IVF #1: ER 1/23/13- 4 eggs retrieved, 3 eggs fertilized; ET with 1 embryo 1/28/13 2 frosties beta #1 2/5 was 4.8- beta #2 2/7 3.5; BFN
    FET #1- transferred one beautiful 4AA embie. Praying this is my take home baby. Beta 5/7/13- BFFN!!!
    IVF #2: ER 7/17/13: 6R/3F- transferred 1 blast and 1 10 cell embryo 5dt.   Beta hell.  #1 2.5, #2 2.2- BFFFN! REALLY?
    IVF #3: ER 12/1 and only 2 retrieved.  1 fertilized with ICSI.  Was planning on transferring one fresh and one frozen....fresh was only 14 cells at day 5...CANCELLED and devastated due to 5cm blood filled cyst in ovary and blood in uterus.
    IVF #4: Antagonist protocol with endometrial scratch day one of stims.  ER 4/21: 6R/4M/3F- transferred 2 beautiful blasts (5dt) and one was hatching!  No frosties but hoping we won't need it!  Beta 5/4/14- 444(8dp5dt), Beta #2 10dp5dt 1002!  THIS HAS GOT TO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!  First US 5/15 we saw two of the most beautiful gestational and yolk sacs I have ever seen!  
    ****FINALLY PREGNANT WITH DI/DI TWINS!!!!!!!  due January 12, 2015!****

  • Yay congratssss
    TTC Since 112010 Naturally. Diagnose:PCOS(ME) + Low Motility(HIM). Started IVF+ICSI Cycle 12312. ER 27 & ET 210 two embies transferred. *BFN 1ST IVF CYCLE.* **Getting as healthy as possible and will try IVFICSI#2 again hopefully in April.** -- HAVE FAITH; LET GO & LET GOD --
  • Congrats!!!
    TTC #1 since Sept 2011
    Me: 33, DH: 35, DX: PCOS & MFI (low everything)
    IUI #1-3 - Low Post-Wash Counts - All BFNs
    IVF #1 w/ ICSI: Long Lupron Protocol - Freeze-All Cycle due to Severe OHSS
    ER 4/27, 33 Eggs Retrieved, 13 Frosties
    FET #1 6/5, Transferred One Perfect 4AA Blast, HPT BFP @ 6dp5dt
    Beta #1 - 209, Beta #2 - 508, Beta #3 - 1,059
    EDD 2/20/14
    Pregnancy Ticker
  • congrats!
    CafeMom Tickers
    TTC since July 2011
    BFP #1: 2/15/12-Ectopic/Mtx at 6 wks

    BFP #2: 10/12/12-m/c at 5 wks. 
    BFP #3: 8/27/13
    Me: MTHFR, Low AMH (1.1), High NK cells and Antiphospholipid Antibodies.
    DH:MFI-Low morph (1%), DNA fragmentation: Excellent!
    5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUIs, and multiple non-medicated cycles- BFFN                                                      
    IVF with ICSI in August 2013 brought us our babies.  ER-9R, 7M, 4F w/ICSI  ET of 2-Grade 2 blasts. 
    + HPT at 6dp5dt. #1 (8dp5dt)- 105    #2 (13dp5dt)- 510  #3 (15dp5dt)- 960  #4 (17dp5dt)- 1889
    Dx shortened cervix, PTL, and preeclampsia during pregnancy.  Lots of medications and 13 weeks of bedrest, babies were born healthy at 34w4d!

  • Sunny BSunny B
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    Congratulations! Your RE's office sounds like it's full of a bunch of rude people. OMG. BUT, I'm glad your OB is awesome... and I'm so excited and happy for you. Keep us up to date!
    TTC since May 2012
    Me: 32 H: 31
    DX: MFI-Very Low Count, I have Hashimotos.
    IVF prep September 2013 cancelled due to Ovarian Cyst
    IVF #1 October 2013 Antagonistic Protocol with ICSI  ER 10/31/13 (18R 16M 11F- 6 blasts to freeze)
    ET delayed due to OHSS 
    FET scheduled for July 8. Delayed due to a crazy high TSH (it had been under control for YEARS!)
    FET #1 8/5/14 sET BFN 

    All welcome!
  • :)  yay! Congrats and GL on Friday!
    TTC since April 2012 (NT/NP since Sept 2011)
    DH: 29, Severe MFI; grade III varicocele; surgery postponed till KU
    Me: 30, POF, AMH is 1.3, higher than expected!
    Dec'13; Clomid Challenge Test results: FSH was 14.6 on day 10
    IVF/ICSI #1 May '13, Long Lupron, 12 days of stims, ER 5/18, 5R, 3M, 2F, 1 made to 3dt 
    3dt 5/21, 1 12C/poor embryo
    Beta#1 6/3= BFN
    IVF/ICSI #2 July '13, Estradex Protocol (similar to EPP), 14.5 days of stims, ER 7/27, 3R, 3M, 0F
    IVF/ICSI/AH #3 Feb '14, Microdose Lupron Flare protocol, 13.5 days of stims, ER 2/23, 8R, 5M, 5F!
    2/27: 3dt of 2 embryos, 10Bfair/8Cfair; no frosties
    Beta#1 3/10 = BFN
    New RE, New clinic March 2014
    IVF/ICSI/AH #4 May '14, Estrogen Priming Protocol, 13 days of stims, ER 5/21, 3R, 2M, 2F
    5/24 3dt of 1 embryo, 9 cell grade 3 (nearly perfect!), no frosties
    Beta#1 6/4 = BFN AGAIN
    IVF/ICSI/AH #5 Final OE try, Aug'14, MDLF protocol, 18 days of stims, ER 8/8, 7R, 6M, 6F!!!
    8/13 5dt = ??
    All are welcome!
  • jms1374jms1374
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    I have been checking in to see if you ever got the 3rd beta and so happy it went way up for you!  Awesome to see! 



  • SayAXOSayAXO
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    Thanks everyone! IT is such a relief to see the #'s double! 


    JMS - Your #'s look great! Have you scheduled an u/s yet?? 

  • Woo Hoo!!!!! Congrats mama! H&H 9 months!
    **TTC since April 2010**
    DH diagnosed with moderate MFI, low everything, me low AMH
    3 IUI's and 1 IVF all BFN's, almost gave up hope
    June 2013- One last IUI for the heck of it... BFP! Complete shock!
    April 2014- Eliana- In Hebrew means The Lord has Answered! Welcome to the world my miracle baby!

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  • jms1374jms1374
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    image SayAXO:

    Thanks everyone! IT is such a relief to see the #'s double! 


    JMS - Your #'s look great! Have you scheduled an u/s yet?? 

    They scheduled the ultrasound for June 3rd. Seems like forever, but I am actually glad it is that late because then I won't have to worry about it maybe being too early to hear heartbeat and then worrying over whether or not something is wrong. There should definitely be a heartbeat at that time.

     Hope everything goes well for you! 

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