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Well, I'm out - birth story inside

We were planning on a VBAC for this LO that was due 05/06/2013.  I went into spontaneous labor with DS1 at 37w5d, and I had a scheduled c/s with my twins at 38w).   None of us ever thought I'd make it to my EDD.  Lo and behold, the weeks came and rolled on by.  I was contracting like crazy every night, but nothing was getting stronger or closer, and I was able to sleep through them, and Lord knows you're not going to sleep through "real" labor.  We got to 40w3d and my OB said he didn't feel comfortable going past 41w because of the increased risk of placental calcification and deterioration.  I was hopeful to get to 42w before having a RCS (my OB won't do a VBA2C), but he went to med school so I take his advice.  My c/s was scheduled for 5:00 pm so we had to get here at 3:00 so they could get me changed, IV'd, and ask 1,000 questions.  I walked back to the OR just a few minutes before 5:00.  My spinal wasn't too terrible, just extreme pressure when he was doing it.  I laid back and they started prepping.  Thankfully DH and BOTH parents were able to be in the room.  Around 5:20 I heard his amazing cry, Jonathon B was born.  I almost started crying, I looked over at IM (Intended Mother) and she was crying.  DH was instructed to leave me and go get pics, those first moments is what this was all about, I didn't want to miss it just because I was strapped to a table.  It took quite a while for my OB to stitch me up, but I know he's very meticulous so NBD in my mind.  We got back to my room and went over a bunch of questions again.  The boys and I will see the baby tonight so we can all officially meet him and say goodbye.   He was 9lbs 10oz, 21" long, my OB didn't know if I would've been able to have him vaginally or not.  Overall a pretty uneventful section.  My OB has agreed to let me go home 1 day early (Thursday), I asked for 2 days early yesterday and he said we'll see how things go when the day (Wednesday) gets here.  He's very laid back about the recovery because I'm not taking a new baby home that will have needs through the night.  I started crying last night when we pulled into the hospital because I didn't want to say goodbye to my boys, they're coming up tonight to visit me and unless I go home tomorrow I won't see them again until Thursday because they have church tomorrow night and there just wouldn't be enough time to come to the hospital and go to church after DH picks them up.  

The bad news, because of the spinal, I've been itching like CRAZY, I can't freaking stand it, and either Benadryl isn't really helping or if it would be so much worse without Benadryl.  I also was unable to sleep well because I'm used to sleeping on my side, that's not really possible after the section because then everything's twisting and pulling and it's just painful/uncomfortable.

*Anytime I post a pic of them/us I always ask permission, I'll not even ask for their baby, I wouldn't like pics of my kids floating around, so I don't think it's fair to ask that pics of their kids be shared with people they don't personally know.  

**All in all it's been a great experience thus far, I feel truly honored that this wonderful couple trusted Ryan and I so much with their most precious cargo and have allowed us to be a part of their growing family.

GSx1 - 05/13/2013
GSx2 for T&B - EDD 6/21/2015

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