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sitting in the er....

Here I am broken hearted. Yesterday in the evening DD had a stuffy nose, DH and I cleared it and took her temp which was fine so all was well. This morning she had a stuffy nose again so I cleared it, changed her, fed her and when I went to check her diaper again, I picked her up and she vomitted up her entire feeding. She screamed and cried, I cried cleaned her up quickly took her temp again. And this time she had a temp. Called her pedi and it wouldve been hours til they could see her. I couldn't wait. Maybe its nothing but as a first time mom I'm freaking out. I just want her to be better. I want to take her pain away its hurting me so badly. It makes us realize how much we take for granted everyday when our babies are healthy and feeling great. I just want to be back home with her and cuddling her. Ugh

Re: sitting in the er....

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