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sitting in the er....

Here I am broken hearted. Yesterday in the evening DD had a stuffy nose, DH and I cleared it and took her temp which was fine so all was well. This morning she had a stuffy nose again so I cleared it, changed her, fed her and when I went to check her diaper again, I picked her up and she vomitted up her entire feeding. She screamed and cried, I cried cleaned her up quickly took her temp again. And this time she had a temp. Called her pedi and it wouldve been hours til they could see her. I couldn't wait. Maybe its nothing but as a first time mom I'm freaking out. I just want her to be better. I want to take her pain away its hurting me so badly. It makes us realize how much we take for granted everyday when our babies are healthy and feeling great. I just want to be back home with her and cuddling her. Ugh

Re: sitting in the er....

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  • heddy79heddy79
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    So sorry to hear this.  Sending T & Ps for a healthy baby.
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  • Awe poor thing. I hope she gets better. T P your way.
  • I'm so sorry have been here recently. I'm sending you T and Ps


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  • : sending lots of thoughts and prayers that she is ok and you are home very soon
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. We had to take our 5 week old to the ER on Sunday. Her nose was so stuffed up that she went into respiratory distress. It was scary, so I know how you must feel. Praying for you.
  • There is nothing worse than having a sick child, thoughts and prayers that everything is okay!
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  • Hope everything works out okay!!
  • Hope everything turns out ok and you and her are back at home cuddling asap! My husband and I had to take our daughter back to the ER 8 hours after we took her home because she stopped eating, peeing, was incredibly lethargic and slept 9 hours straight. It was so scary. When we arrived at the ER, her temp was 94.1 and she was so dehydrated ( I don't think she was getting enough BM from me). Anyways, she had to have a spinal tap and many other tests done and we ended up having to be admitted to the pediatric ward for 3 days to wait for cultures to be done to see if she had some sort of infection since they found White Blood Cells in her urine and spinal fluid (thankfully she didn't). It was such a rough and emotional three days. Went from being so happy to be going home, to having a sick 2 day old and not knowing what was going to happen to her. Glad you chose to take the baby to the ER though. If we hadn't made that decision, I don't know what would have happened to our little girl. It is way better to overreact and take them in rather than wait since Newborns can decline in health so quickly. I don't even want to think about what may have happened if my husband and I hadn't taken our daughter in.  Hope you can be home soon with your healthy daughter!

  • Praying that she's just fine and that you have peace while you are waiting. Let us know what you find out!
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