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What to do about stinky diapers...Please Help!

Hello ladies! We have been cloth diapering my newborn since the hospital, which has been about 4 weeks. We use prefolds and covers. Two days ago we noticed a strong oder in the diapers after she urinated. I was worried about a UTI so we started trying to figure out if it was the diapers. After she peed a few times in diapers she has never worn with normal smell we are certain it is our newborn stash. We do a cold rinse no detergent, then a hot wash with 1 and a half tablespoons of rockin green for hard water. We wash once a day. Can you ladies suggest what to do to fix this problem? Thanks for any help we can get.

Re: What to do about stinky diapers...Please Help!

  • We had stink issues after using a HE washer and some non-Tide detergent at my mom's house for a couple of weeks.   First wash home I did with Tide in our super water using to loader - that got out the barnyard stink.  Then it was ammonia (which it sounds like you might have?).  I washed in hot water with a couple squirts of dish soap and then did more hot washes until the rinse water had no suds.  Seems to have fixed the problem.

    With prefolds getting icky that fast, it seems like there might be a problem with your wash routine.  I have not heard anything good about rockin green, so maybe a detergent switch would help?

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  • I had trouble with Rockin' Green. I'd start first by adding an extra rinse at the end of your cycle. I just do a short wash in cold/cold at the end - rinses them a few times. If that doesn't help, you may need to switch detergents. We use Tide or Gain powder, and they work better for us (plus they're a lot cheaper :)).

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  • Do you do an extra rinse after you wash? Start by adding that, it's a standard cd routine.
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  • Is it ammonia stink or barnyard stink?
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    I would try two things to see if it helps...first, add an extra rinse to the hot wash cycle and second, use more detergent. I found in the beginning (when I was afraid of using too much detergent) that I was in fact not using enough and we had a little stink issue until I figured it out. 

    If those don't work, try switching detergents to see if that helps. Good luck! 


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