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I posted yesterday asking for blogs. I really appreciate everyone who shared with me. Today my husband and I discussed adoption again. We'd discussed it in the past but today I told him about a lot of research I've done and how I feel about moving on to fertility treatments vs adoption. I don't want TTC and fertility treatments to be out of our future forever, but I just can't see myself wanting to get pregnant for a month again. We have had four losses over our three year TTC journey.

So, our next step will be adoption. We're trying to build a house right now, so we won't be starting the process immediately but almost definitely by the end of the year. I hope you all don't mind me hanging out here and learning more about all of it.


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  • Welcome!

    I'm sorry for your losses. We had 3 over a 3-year period.

    FYI, some agencies allow you to pursue both avenues, if you're up to it.

    GL and post away!

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  • Welcome! We only had one loss but I understand that feeling of being ready to move forward with adoption and leave TTC behind you for now. Welcome again!

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  • ((((Hugs)))) I am sorry for your losses. It is so hard. I have a long history with fertility treatments. It is not for the faint of heart.

    Welcome to the board :) such a supportive group.....we will all be here to help with your journey. 

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    After almost 5 years, 7 fresh IVF cycles and a few losses along the way, we are excited to move on to domestic infant adoption!

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  • Welcome to the board!

    Mother of two wonderful boys! Blessed through adoption.

  • Welcome! Good luck with the rest of building your house, and then with the next steps toward adoption!
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  • Welcome! Good luck to you!
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    After 2 years of IF workups/treatments and 2 IUIs, we have closed the door on fertility treatments.
    We are very excited to be pursuing international adoption from China!
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  • Welcome and sorry for your losses.
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  • I am sorry for your losses as well.  My husband and I are also looking into it.  We have had a total of 3 losses since 2010.  We are dabbling in it but right now he is working over I am just gathering research as well.  It sounds like our stories are similar and we may make great friends through this :)
  • Welcome!  Good luck on your adoption journey.
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  • So sorry for your losses. Welcome to the board, this is an incredibly supportive group.
  • Hello, and welcome.  I am very sorry for your losses.  I wish you the best as you move forward with adoption to build your family.

  • Welcome. I'm so sorry for your losses. We've had 3 losses and are in a similar place as you (deciding how far to go with fertility treatments vs. adoption).

    Best of luck to you. Also, congrats on the new house!

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  • Welcome and good luck!  I've been keeping track of our adoption journey so far at ; feel free to check it out.  Hopefully there will be something helpful...

    we are until forever...
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